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Today, the travel industry finds itself in an unprecedented position. The competition has never been so high and with the issue of sustainability rife within the industry and world as a whole, DMOs are striving to implement initiatives that support sustainable growth for the destination, tourists and all stakeholders involved. 

The Federation of Breton Tourist Offices joined us at #DTTTGlobal to share its vision of the future of travel and to explain how DMO's are a crucial part of the strategy. 

Rather than working in silos, the destination embarked on a collaborative project that involved regrouping as a destination to pool thoughts and practices to ensure the best customer journey and optimise resources to improve performance. This is e-Breizh Connexion : a collaborative approach gathering more than 200 people representing about 100 organisations. 

The initiative provides an action plan that all Breton stakeholders share and implement to achieve the shared objectives set. This is complemented by a prospective vision of the decentralised web to restore the power to the DMOs and regain control of the valuable data needed to optimise the visitor experience as much as possible.

We caught up with Pierre Bouton, Director at The Federation of Breton Tourist Offices for a quick Q&A about the initiative. 



Digitalisation is the crucial part of your strategy — can you give us a brief overview of this?

EBreizh Connection's ambition is to define the outlines of a digital device throughout Brittany that is relevant to the visitor during all phases of his stay. It encourages consumption and allows all stakeholders' tourism to work together to offer a coherent and convincing tourism offer while rationalizing human and financial resources.

For more information, you can have a look at EBreizh Connection here.

How many DMO's are part of the OTB?

The Federation of Tourist Offices in Brittany has 61 members today. All tourist offices in Brittany are members of OTB.

How did you go about onboarding all the DMOs?

OTB is a network of tourist offices and a territorial relay that offers several services. At the initiative of the Brittany region, in partnership with the Regional Tourism Committee of Brittany and tourist offices, we wanted to implement a coordinated and collaborative tourism policy to meet the challenges of digital. 

Through its services, which are the training, the quality, the animations by days and collaborative workshops, the actions towards the sustainable tourism, the Brand “Tourisme et Handicap,” the qualification of the accommodation, surveys, insights and business intelligence.

Were there initial challenges?

A fundamental transformation for Brittany's tourist offices. The profound change of uses and user expectations, driven by digital technology, which requires an intelligent evolution of the trades to be able to meet them.

A dense ecosystem with multiple initiatives, which moves quickly, driven by Digital Leaders who preempt parts of the market and question the legitimacy of institutional players. A legal and regulatory framework that directs the action of the actors towards more performance through a convergence of actors and a higher public-private mix.

What are the most significant benefits?

  • The challenges of the EBreizh Connection project:
  • The setting up of a unique digital device for the valorization of the Brittany territory which would propose:
  • A smooth and continuous experience to the users in their time travel (before, during and after the stay) and places,
  •  To bring the tripartite relationship where the user becomes an actor (contribution, contents, communities)
  • Encourage consumption and allow the marketing of offers,
  • To integrate the collaboration as well as a coherence between the actors, of the setting in tourism of the territory considering the needs, the activities and the offers of each one (shared approach),
  • Federate human and financial resources to be stronger and more efficient against the giants of the web (digital leaders),
  • Build a solution to integrate future partners and evolve technically.


👉 #DTTT Members can watch the full talk of the OTB at #DTTTGlobal here.


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