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Digital marketing plays an intrinsic part in promoting companies and products, and encouraging customers to engage and build relationships with brands. When it comes to the travel industry, a crucial factor that can often hinder the effectiveness of a destination or tourism organisation’s digital work in connecting with travellers within their destinations is Internet connectivity. With roaming Internet charges associated with exceedingly high costs and local SIM cards a hassle to obtain, most tourists are left with little opportunity to constantly share and enhance their experience via online means.

iTaiwan Wireless Network

As reported by Skift, Taiwan is one destination that has noticed and addressed this problem.  Having been one of the first countries in the world to offer free wifi connectivity to its citizens, the Taiwanese government has now extended this service to foreign visitors to the country. The ‘iTaiwan’ wireless network was launched in 2011 for locals, with over 4000 hotspots now, across major tourist sites, transportation hubs, cultural locations and government offices. This month, tourists’ tapping up of this service has been made much easier, as they can open their own iTaiwan accounts by simply showing passport identification at any Taiwan Tourism Bureau counters/centres across the country.

Taking the Example

Taiwan’s idea to extend their free local Wi-Fi service to visiting travellers is one that other destinations and tourism organisations should definitely consider as they look forward. Not only does allowing visitors constant Internet access create a positive impression of the country and the services it offers, but it enables travellers to promote the destination on-the-go, sharing their impressions and user-generated content with their networks. Taiwan’s free Wi-Fi is hence a win-win situation for the local tourist board and the country’s visitors; one which other destinations can take as an example.



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