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Women we know and admire

At the #DTTT, we love to celebrate women who have done amazing things in the industry.  These are women that we know and respect. They have added immense value to the industry with their knowledge and contribution and we are especially excited to celebrate them on International Women’s Day.

Dr Cara Augustenborg - Climate Leader

The #DTTT really enjoyed catching up with Dr Cara Augustenborg, a leading climate change expert, on our recent trip to Ireland. Her passion and commitment to environmental issues, and over a decade of influential environmental work has inspired us and many others. 

Her achievements include:

  • Being appointed as Senior Fellow in Environmental Policy at University College Dublin
  • Being appointed as Chairperson of Friends of the Earth Europe
  • Being appointed to the advisory councils of the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Dialogue for Climate Action
  • Being an adviser to the Cool Planet Experience's Climate Champion programme
  • Hosting her own radio show where she discusses environmental issues

At the #DTTT, we feel that Cara has really made an impression on the tourism industry. She is frank about the realities of climate change but also a pragmatist in conveying her message to the industry. Cara is, in our view, a true thought leader and one to watch.

Laura Chaibi - Digital Research, Insights and Strategy Advisor

Laura is one of the world’s leading experts on digital transformation, having seen the rise and fall in the world biggest internet firms. She tells it how it is and helps navigate big questions faced in a digital world. At the #DTTT, we love working with Laura and are hugely inspired by her knowledge and insights. Laura has balanced life’s priorities in an impressive way. A real-life Super Woman of our time. 

Her achievements include:

  • Being a commissioned author of a 100 page best practice guide: Digital Transformation and the Role of Data (Econsultancy Nov 2019) written for marketers to help navigate business change
  • 20 years of multinational award winning research and Insights projects, digital domain and multi-industry expertise to solve business problems
  • Accelerating businesses through digital transformation
  • Delivering strategic insights (both rigor and inspiration) to brands all over the world to gain a competitive edge with evidence based backing
  • Being appointed as an Advisory Board Member for Women in Research (WIRe) and I-COM Global

Laura was our first ever keynote speaker back in 2012 and truly impressed us,  commanding absolute authority on the disruptive nature of digital and challenging conventional thinking. Laura continues to be an impressive figure, both in her critical thinking on the key issues the industry is facing today, her contribution to research around digital transformation and her human qualities, making her unique in every way.

Tine Thygesen - Entrepreneur, Board and Investor in Technology and Sustainable Business

A leading female tech entrepreneur, Tine is a business heavyweight, most recently heading up Founders House Copenhagen and Mesh Norway. Tine brings Tech, Business and Investment expertise. At the #DTTT, we admire her work and celebrate her contribution to the digital world.

Her achievements include:

  • Building 3 companies from scratch
  • Winning the Mobile Innovation Award
  • Being one of the Top 10 speakers on Tech in Europe
  • Being one of the Top 100 Women in Technology in Europe
  • Sitting on several boards and mentoring Tech startups

Tine is also one of our first speakers at the #DTTT and back then was already considered one of the Top 100 Women in Tech. Since then, Tine has gone on to achieve so many great things from selling her business to leading the Nordic's leading tech hubs, Tine continues to be an inspiration to us here in the tourism industry. We've got to know Tine well over the years and admire her straight-forward approach to discussing the issues of our time. Today she has committed herself to only being involved in positive impact projects, a shift we salute as we enter a new phase in the global economy, shifting from digital to sustainability.

Gloria Loree - Senior Vice-President, Marketing Strategy & CMO at Destination Canada

A very inspiring lady, Gloria has transformed Destination Canada to a passion brand.  Focusing on visitor and signature experiences has proved to be a huge success, not only for adding value for tourists but also locals. 

Her achievements include:

  • Being Destination Canada’s first female CMO
  • Overseeing and shaping Brand Canada with her strategy and vision 
  • Transforming and improving the Canadian Tourism Industry
  • Leading her organisation and transforming Destination Canada
  • Designing successful Signature Experiences to Build Brand and Narrative

Gloria gave a brilliant keynote during Campus 2019 and really showed what it means to be open, honest and to do what you do with a great deal of integrity. As one of our favourite keynote's of the last few years, Gloria really knows how to deliver a great talk, yet have fun doing it. As a leader, Gloria got stuck into the workshops as a motivational force amongst peers, shared her expertise and talks about her successes without shying away from the learnings.

Laura Aalto - CEO Helsinki Marketing 

As the CEO of Helsinki Marketing, Laura is a leader in Smart Tourism. At the #DTTT, we admire the progressive way Laura steers her organisation and we are always excited to see her innovative and inspiring campaigns for Helsinki. With her approach to sustainability and transformation, Laura is an industry game-changer.

Her achievements include:

  • 20 years of experience in international marketing, brand building, sponsorship and event marketing
  • Being appointed as Marketing and Communications Director at the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project
  • Being appointed CEO of Helsinki Marketing
  • Leading Helsinki marketing’s transformation from Tourism Marketing to City Branding and Marketing Organisation
  • Being appointed as a Board Member for Finland National Committee for UN Women, Amos Rex, European Cities Marketing, Finlandia Hall

Laura is someone who takes a truly hands-on leadership approach. At the #DTTT, she has impressed us with her approach to embedding human centred design into the core of both the organisation she leads and the industry she supports. She is not afraid of tackling the bigger issues facing society today. Laura demonstrates the importance of empathy and positive leadership, two of the most important leadership skills sought in CEOs today. She has led her team to many brilliant accomplishments and continues to be a thought leader in our industry.

Tracy Lanza - Vice President of Integrated Marketing for Brand USA

Tracy is Vice President of Integrated Marketing for Brand USA. Tracy’s strategic marketing plan has ensured the success and advancement of Brand USA. At the #DTTT, we are inspired by her success and vision in making Brand USA a global brand.

Her achievements include:

  • More than 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing industry working for high profile brands
  • Developing some of the USA’s most well-loved and award-winning campaigns
  • Creating and executing the Great American Road Trip campaign, which has been seen by almost 3 billion viewers around the globe
  • Receiving an abundance industry recognition awards, such as Pro & Globe Awards, Ex Awards, Halo Awards, Reggie Awards, Addy  Awards and Clios
  • Chairing the Judging Panel for the U.S. Travel Association’s annual ESTO awards recognising top destination marketing campaigns since 2013

At the #DTTT, we were impressed by the softness of Tracy's approach in delivering an epic talk about Brand USA's impressive brand marketing programme. She impressed our audience during Global 2019 with her expertise and authority in her subject matter, yet showed such warm character in how she delivered it. Tracy tackled a huge project with softness and grace, showing how important it is to take pride in our work and truly love what we do.

More Amazing Women Changing the World

With so many women achieving great things in the industry, we decided to extend the list!

Kris Tompkins -  Founder of Conservacion Patagonica 

A conservationist and former CEO of Patagonia. Kris founded Conservacion Patagonica,  to create national parks in Patagonia, the southernmost region of Chile and Argentina. Sustainability focused and actively protecting South America and its terrain from developers.

Vicky Smith - Earth Changers

Showcasing the best positive impact in sustainable travel, providing transformative tourism options for travellers.

Louise Twining-Ward - President of Sustainable Travel International

Helping communities around the globe become leaders in their own right, through travel and tourism.

Christiana Figueres - Former Executive Secretary of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

An internationally recognised leader credited with forging a new brand of collaborative diplomacy and key advocate for Climate Change. 

Judy Kepher-Gona - Founder of STTA (Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda)

Judy developed the first certification scheme for accommodation facilities in Kenya. She trains and promotes travel and tourism businesses with the aim to transform them to sustainable practices.

Eulanda Shead Osagiede - Executive Director of BAME Women in Travel 

An initiative started at WTM to offer support and opportunities to BAME women.

With so many women deserving recognition, we hope you are inspired by the amazing women featured and enjoy celebrating International Women’s Day!


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