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Announcing #DTTT Italia - the Digital Tourism Think Tank's little sister is born. In Italy. Promises digital innovation with gusto!


This has been a big year for the Digital Tourism Think Tank, with the launch of a huge new range of exciting developments for destination marketers to get their teeth stuck into. One that the team are particularly excited about back at #DTTT HQ in Kent, the UK's Garden of England,  is the launch of our Italian little sister, #DTTT Italia.

#DTTT Italia's launch is the first in a number of developments we're going to be rolling out in late 2014 and throughout 2015, making the Digital Tourism Think Tank a true platform for the industry to share and exchange experiences in digital. Launching #CMDL - the Creative Mobile Destinations Lab at the same time, the passion which inspires us to do what we do is you, the DMO's, working and innovating daily in digital. It is true there are no real experts in a sector which changes at such a fast pace, but we believe in creating a platform for sharing opinions and experiences together, we can make the industry more competitive and more innovative.

Great, so why Italy?

Well, to start off with, we love Italy - what's not to love about Italy? However, when it comes to the world of Italian DMOs we have to admit it's a tricky nut to crack. Thankfully, we don't have to! Earlier in the year we were approached by Fabio Sacco, formerly in charge of Valle del Chiese Tourism Board in Trentino and now heading up Budoni Welcome, and Luca D'Angelo in charge of Visit Valsugana with an idea they'd been brewing over. Fabio and Luca, we have to say, are our heroes; true #DTTT ambassadors and aficionados who really support our work.

Fabio and Luca approached us with the idea to create an Italian spin-off of the #DTTT, focused on the unique challenges faced by DMOs in Italy and of course all about digital. What a great idea! A few phone calls later, the deal was done, #DTTT Italia was born and the rest is history. Fabio and Luca, this is our chance to say "we salute you" for your enthusiasm and for pulling together such a competent team of contributors to #DTTT Italia. So here goes...

Getting to know #DTTT Italia

The #DTTT Italia team comprises seven Italian DMO experts, each passionate about promoting thought leadership to the Italian tourism industry through the sharing of best practices, cases studies, opinions and events. Between them, they've put together a pretty comprehensive editorial plan for 2015 which will see them each exploring what's happening in their respective fields.

Now here's the twist, in 2015 we'll be launching #DTTT Italia on our shiny new site with regular posts from the team in Italian. For our followers who's Italian needs some brushing up, we'll also be serving up the most relevant posts in English too.

Meeting the team

Fabio Sacco

Fabio spent the last three years running Valle del Chiese Tourism Board (Trentino) and then he moved from the mountains to the sea. He is now destination manager in Budoni (Sardinia). He has been working as a consultant in several destination management projects in Italy (Lake of Garda, Liguria, Trentino) and abroad (Vietnam, Romania, Senegal, Brazil). He has a degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures and a master in destination marketing at Trentino School of Management. He is co-founder at Natourism Srl, incubator of enterprises in the tourism and environment field.

Fabio's topical focus in #DTTT Italia

  • Destination Start-Up: how to build a DMO and involve stakeholders in a participatory process
  • Experience design in tourist destinations: how to create a link between real and virtual world
  • From content creation to content curation: how to involve stakeholders in the communication of a destination
  • Innovation in Italian seaside tourism: beyond the 4S model

Luca D'Angelo

Luca has dedicated his professional life, so far, to the tourism industry. After a degree in Tourism Economics, a 1 year experience as researcher in New Zealand and a Master in Tourism Management, he has worked as a senior researcher at tsm- Trentino School of Management focusing his work mainly on sport tourism, destination marketing and destination branding.

He has coordinated and directed the Trento and Valsugana Wine Route for 5 years where he enhanced his skills in the wine tourism sector and since 2011 he’s being directing with creativity and innovation  the Valsugana Tourism Board (Trentino, ITALY).

He strongly believes that DMO, particularly in Italy, needs to evolve. The main keywords of this changing are:  tourism experiences, digital marketing and stakeholders’s empowerment/alliance.

Luca's topical focus in #DTTT Italia

  • How to involve destination stakeholders through digital platforms
  • The new DMO: from push marketing to community engagement
  • Product development, create and manage contents and communicate them online
  • The tourist experience: here we are going to fight for the future of DMOs and digital can help us a lot!
  • How a DMO can face the challenge of digitalizing local stakeholders

Paolo Grigolli

Paolo has a Masters in Marketing Management and works between Milan and London at Arthur Anderson. He's been the Deputy Director of the Academy of Trade and Tourism at the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Trento. Paolo has worked on many projects related to local development and tourism and will be sharing his expertise in #DTTT Italia.

Sabrina Pesarini

With more than 13 years of experience, Sabrina is a true early adopter when it comes to digital. Before moving to the DMO world, she worked at an OTA as Web Marketing Manager in Spain. More recently Sabrina has worked at Trentino Marketing and Turismo and Four Tourism Consulting. Sabrina's focus in #DTTT Italia will be to look at the disintermediation of destinations, social media marketing, mobile market - getting ready and new forms of online advertising.

Sabrina's topical focus in #DTTT Italia

  • Disintermediation of destinations
  • From star communication to node communication
  • Social Media Marketing: have we settled our objectives and priorities?
  • Mobile Marketing: are we ready?
  • The new online advertising: it’s not a matter of traffic adquisition any more

Andrea Gelsomino

Andrea is tourism consultant and researcher specialised in Destination Management and Marketing with a specific focus on outdoor and mountain tourism. With a Masters in Destination Management at Trentino School of Management he now works for a specialised consulting firm in Mountain Tourism Management. Andrea will use #DTTT Italia to share his thoughts and experience on the role of DMOs in Italy, thematic networks, branding case studies and models of destination management in the alps.

Andrea's topical focus in #DTTT Italia

  • The role of destination management in Italy
  • DMOs and thematic networks
  • Destination branding: case history and best practice
  • Models of destination management and marketing in the Alps

Sergio Lucci

Sergio is passionate about social issues in tourism and has created the first tourism shopping e-commerce platform in Italy. It is this experience which he will lend to #DTTT Italia, sharing his experience and insights with the industry.

Alessandro Bazzanella

Alessandro Bazzanella is senior trainer and researcher at Trentino School of Management. He is responsible for many projects based on action-research approach to foster local development and boost the tourism destination potential. He has been involved in many projects in Italy and other emerging destinations such as Bolivia, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Dominican Republic.

Alessandro's topical focus in #DTTT Italia

  • Digital organizing: re-thinking DMO to go with your client during the purchase process
  • rimodellare  l’organizzazione di una dmo per accompagnare il cliente nel suo percorso di acquisto
  • The new tourist information: how info point are changing in the cloud era
  • It’s all about reputation: re-thinking destination brand management
  • The importance of physical brand design to bring web in the real space
  • Sustainability is the new quality

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