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Predicting the future is always a difficult but valuable undertaking, and it is precisely this which an influential conference in Canada will be attempting to do later this month. The ten-year anniversary edition of Online Revealed Canada, the digital marketing conference for tourism and travel in Canada since 2005, will be held in Toronto imminently.

Top Industry Professionals

This is certain to be an event of great interest for Canadians, with top travel industry professionals from across the North American nation present. Approximately 250 industry professionals are expected to attend the Toronto conference, and speakers will be present from Microsoft BING, Google, Sojern and TripAdvisor.

The conference promises to enable those experts present to share new innovations, best practices, and game changing technology in online travel marketing. There is a clear agenda of looking at travel in the future, with the overarching theme of the conference being “Predicting and Promoting: A Look at The Future of Travel”. The event the organisers have reiterated their commitment to thinking outside the box and stimulating important and valuable conversations about the direction of the travel industry in the future.

Digital Media Impact

Sessions at the conference will celebrate and investigate the extent to which digital media and consumer adoption of it has impacted, and how it will continue to impact the travel industry in coming years. A look at game changing trends in digital marketing, technology and mobile art promised by the organisers will also be prevalent, along with a more sustained look at where advancements in digital marketing and technology will take travel in the future.

Additionally, Online Revealed will also play host to the 6th annual Canadian eTourism awards. These awards will celebrate excellence in marketing travel in Canada through online means. And the event will also acknowledge the 2nd annual Game Changer. This is a student mentoring event which enables some of the leading travel industry professionals of the future to team up with recent and upcoming tourism graduates.

Awards will be judged by a volunteer council from ten of Canada's top Provincial Destination Marketing Organizations. There are a raft of interesting categories for competitors to be nominated for, with awards handed out during the conference touching such areas as social media, mobile, traditional consumer websites and applications. The #DTTT Team will be eager to see which tourism providers will be awarded in the different categories, as the Canadian tourism industry has always been considered to be innovative and its tourism industry has made great efforts to be at the forefront of digital.

Tourism Upturn

Tourism in Canada has displayed an upward trend since 2010. In 2013, tourism contributed an an estimated $84 billion to the economy, which represented a 2 percent increase from 2012. This figure is over 2 percent of the total GDP of Canada, and tourism contributes around 619,000 jobs to the economy annually. In 2013, Canada had 16.6 million inbound overnight visitors, up 2 percent from 2012, and these visitors spent $16.4 billion, up 2.5 percent from the previous year.

Tourism is clearly in a healthy state in Canada, and will therefore be intriguing to see what comes out of a travel-related conference featuring many esteemed individuals from the tourist industry in North America. Online Revealed Canada should be an extremely interesting and informative event for all travel and tourism-related individuals, and a valuable one for the Canadian tourist industry.

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