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Sustainable tourism growth is at the forefront of destination strategy today, proposing new visions and objectives for the future of the visitor economy. The Vienna Tourist Board presents its Visitor Economy Strategy 2025, Shaping Vienna, reflecting a new era of tourism that targets sustainable development with an emphasis on adding value for the city, its residents and businesses. 

“The guiding principle of our strategy is simple: the visitor economy needs to add value.”  -  Norbert Kettner, CEO of Vienna Tourist Board

The new strategy champions tourism in a really positive way, and it is clear to see how much passion, time and hard work has gone into developing a new vision for the city of Vienna. If you haven’t already, do take a look at the full strategy document

From Tourism to Visitor Economy

Vienna is very much an in-demand travel destination bringing in around 16.5 million bednights in 2018. While visitors continue to arrive, Vienna’s new strategy endeavours to support the sustainable development of its visitor economy by not marketing to the masses, and rather focusing on core target audiences aligned with the strategy; meetings industry, luxury travel and LGBT guests. 

The new strategy is very much based on a positive foundation of growth and success from previous strategies but with a new way of thinking towards sustainable tourism growth that benefits everyone. 

The Strategy Diamond is a visual representation of the key strategic elements, as well as a metaphoric symbol for the destination, demonstrating the importance it holds for the value of tourism. 

DTTT Takeaways 

One of the key points to highlight, is the pivotal role of the DMO here. 

Alongside destination marketing and destination management, the Vienna Tourist Board are hands-on curators, the driving force behind ensuring the success of the strategy by leading, supporting and consulting. Actioning a new management approach without precedent. 

A hugely collaborative effort and ongoing dialog.

The development of this strategy and key to its future success is collaboration. The process involved 21 strategic workshops led by the VTB, with involvement from a broad cross-section of stakeholders from the tourism and meetings sector and the wider visitor economy ecosystem. 

The emphasis on this collective effort of knowledge and skills is fundamental for the greater good of the city, and we are now seeing this approach more and more. Success is only possible through collaboration and ongoing dialog. 

Digital humanism.

Another point that really stood out to us is one of the core values of digital, but with a different perspective. While the city clearly appreciates the power of digital services and its role in the visitor journey, it also wants to encourage visitors to ‘escape from their digital bubbles’ and go back to basics. To experience the magic of travel in its true form, encouraging real-life encounters and interactions that digital simply cannot create.


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