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With more than 1 million international visitors every month, and a popular stopover destination from destinations across Asia and Australasia, Singapore is one of the trendiest tourist destinations worldwide. Singapore Tourism Board launched a medium-term marketing strategy from 2016 to 2020, in order to tackle the increasingly complex tourism landscape and to stay ahead of the competition.

In a world that is constantly evolving, and where technology facilitates and influences consumer behaviour in a profound way, destinations need to constantly evolve and adapt to the travellers of today. Here at the #DTTT, we consider Singapore Tourism Board as one of the DMOs that continuously innovate its brand with a strategy that focuses on local people, their stories and passions, delivering these powerful messages through effective digital strategies.

In 2018, we caught up with Shoo Ling, Brand Director at the Singapore Tourism Board, who recognises that ‘the brand and consumer is never static’, and this is fundamental when it comes to developing a strategy to drive sustainable growth.

STB’s vision is to deliver “agile, bold and creative destination marketing that inspires and delivers results” developed with the ever-changing traveller in mind. Singapore’s marketing strategy aims at inspiring consumers before and after their arrival at the destination, with a focus on 3 main elements;

Singapore strategy

Telling a great Singapore Story

A visitor-centric approach, connecting visitors to the destination through personalised, authentic stories based on strong brand values. STB developed a series of videos for different passions groups - Foodies, Explorers, Collectors, Socialisers, Actions Seekers, Culture Shapers, successfully shifting the brand towards psychographic interests rather than demographics. 

Targeting the right fans

STB identified four clear market segments in order to create specific and targeted messages: working Millennials, young families, active silvers and business travellers. 

Enhancing delivery

Delivering the right content to the right people at the right time and place is fundamental. 

We met three key representatives of the Singapore Tourism Board in order to discuss the choices and drivers behind the definition of this strategy and the new global brand campaign launched in August 2017; Shoo Ling - Director, Brand, Terrence Voon - Director, Digital and Content, and Jeanne Ng - Assistant Director Marketing Capability

For more insights from the STB team and to watch the full case study, click here


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