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For many marketers, the mobile experience does come first now. In tourism, many destinations are now diving into a mobile first approach which is very brave and absolutely the right thing to do. Mobile is there and it will not go away, as the Think Tank’s mobile expert Tine Thygesen from Everplaces always says when talking about mobile strategies. So how should marketers react? Tine’s answer would simply be “Deal with it!” and she is absolutely right. Mobile will not go away, even though many tourism companies would rather reverse time, so deal with it and embrace mobile, as it means great opportunities (eMarketer 2013).


Recently, the Think Tank team has been thinking a lot about experiences and whether and how Smartphone and tablet experiences differ. In marketing, it is absolutely crucial to create memorable and unique experiences, and consumers increasingly expect to have these experiences across devices. For tourism, each mobile device can be used in a unique way that adds value to the overall brand experience across devices. Consumers should be able to have a tailored and unique experience on a specific device.


On tablets, consumers take advantage of the much bigger screen size that can help consumers to be inspired by rich media in the form of images and videos. Images on websites and a big display can enhance the experience of functionalities and features. Increasingly, studies also show that tablets are most used during evenings when browsing for content and information. Interestingly, consumers spend a lot longer researching on tablets than on Smartphones, looking at a variety of content. Marketers should therefore aim to get an editorial feel, as consumers have a more relaxed atmosphere when browsing on tablets. In general, image browsing is much more effective on a tablet than a Smartphone and marketers are already taking advantage of that. On tablets, marketers mainly aim to engage consumers throughout the day.


When consumers are using Smartphones, the main focus of the mobile experience is on speed although there are also images when browsing on Smartphones. Due to the device size, Smartphones are mainly used while on the go, during a break or on the way to work or back home. This is the reason, why consumers return to Smartphones very frequently throughout the day but when browsing, less time is spend per search. This “shopping” or search window is a lot shorter than on a tablet, as a Smartphone consumer spend around 1-2 minutes shopping. This means functionalities and features need to be very easy to use and aimed to save time. Loading speed is very important, often resulting in the sacrifice of big images in websites or apps.

In general, it is essential that an adequate mobile experience is being created, that fulfils and creates a great experience for the user. Tablets and Smartphones are used differently by consumers, making it necessary to deliver unique experiences for each mobile device.

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