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Some tourism businesses can be quite innovative in its use of digital technologies and applications. The Nordic countries are undoubtedly well advanced with regards to online penetration, usage and also creative ideas with regards to digital innovations. Recently, Stockholm airport turned its instagram photos into city guides for tourists. This is something that no other airport so far thought of when using social networks and engaging consumers travelling through an airport. Instagram can now be used as a travel guide by travellers transiting through Stockholm airport (Skift 2013).


Consumers can favourite images on Instagram through which users can create a personalised guide that can then be saved and also used offline. This is very important, as not everybody who is travelling stays connected, the opposite is often the case due to high roaming charges still applying in Europe and worldwide. Stockholm airport launched the Local Guide which is a platform allowing consumers worldwide to create travel guides that are based on local’s open Instagram feed.

Travellers can check the local live updates on Instagram in the one of the 10 cities taking part. Each traveller can then save certain places that seem interesting for the traveller, which can then be turned into a travel guide that is sent to the mobile phone and can be accessed offline too.


Stockholm’s Arlanda airport creates a unique experience in which travellers can see what is happening in the destination they want to travel to in real time through Instagram feed of the city.

This is a unique opportunity for the airport to engage its consumers and to offer a locals guide that combines Instagram accounts of citizens. It shows what is happening in cities in real time, and by consumers selecting what they are interested in, it provides the travellers with unique, personalised travel guides. At the airport, unique installations can also encourage travellers to interact, select different cities’ Instagram feed on the screen. Currently, this service is available in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, New York, Paris, Prague and Rome. This is certainly a great example for traveller engagement at the airport and Arlanda airport did realise the importance of engaging and interacting with consumers while in the airport.


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