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Earlier this year, Twitter launched its new Vine app, essentially the video version of the tweet; a short and to the point means of communication within communities. Described by Spud Hilton at SFGate as “what would happen if Instagram and YouTube had a love child”, Vine provides smartphone users an audio-visual outlet, allowing users to create and share looping videos of a maximum of six seconds.

#6secondpostcard #Vinecation

As reported by Tnooz, the digital craze of the moment is to share travel experiences and local hotspots via Vine. With moving, looping images, the Vine is turning into a new-age postcard, proving much more compelling viewing than the traditional postcard or static photograph. This trend can be explored via Twitter or in-app Vine searches on the widely popular hashtags #6secondpostcard or #vinecation.

The implications

What does the emergence of this new social media platform mean for the tourism industry? Getting on board with the latest trends in digital and social media is a great step for DMOs to take; destinations taking advantage of the buzz that accompanies these trends enables them to take a share of the hype. Particularly given that users are themselves taking to Vine to share their travel experiences and show off their cities, it will come naturally for a tourist board to deliver similar content. It is a quick and easy storytelling tool to encourage customer engagement, recognition and content creation and provides destinations a great opportunity to gather a regular stream of user-generated content as well.

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