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Twitter is one of the most interactive social networks, which allows businesses to stay in touch with millions of users worldwide, and share information in real-time. Since 2006, when the network first launched, a great deal has changed and it has become increasingly popular. Despite the fact that everybody knows about Twitter's success today, their numbers and the network's power continue to impress and astound. It is thus vital for tourism organisations to take a look at some of these figures in detail, and to learn from them.  (iMedia)

Twitter Users

There are over 500 million Twitter users worldwide, and approximately 300,000 new visitors daily. Considering these figures, it is incredible to see that there appears to be no end to the social network's growth. When looking at the demographic of Twitter users in more detail, it can be considered a relatively young network, with 73% of users aged between 15 and 25 years, an age profile similar to those found on other social networks as well. Within these users, 22% are located in the US, followed by the second-ranked UK.

Daily Twitter Stats

In 2012, users generated 124,000,000,000 tweets worldwide. This number is impressive not only because of its nine zeros, but because of what it represents: real-time information and content. Every day, 11 new Twitter accounts are being created, and so with each day the number of tweets and engagement rises.

What can you learn from that?

Social networking seems to be becoming increasingly intrinsic to the everyday lives of a large number of consumers worldwide. Sharing thoughts and information on social networks with others is an integral part of this culture and economy. Tourism organisations and destinations need to make sure their social media strategy is developed with this in mind, and that they are using Twitter in order to keep engaged with travellers in real-time. Ensure that you keep on tweeting and engaging on social networks!

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