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When it comes to planning a trip, what is your first point of call? How do you search for information, save ideas and prepare for your travels?  Do you research places to eat in advance or where to find the best place to grab a coffee, and if so, what would be your platform of choice?

With such a vast multitude of different channels and platforms in today’s crowded digital space, and with endless amounts of information on hand at every moment, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a strong base, your DMO website. 

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools and it is one of the key touchpoints in the customer journey from path to purchase. Travellers are seeking correct, trustworthy and practical information throughout the booking journey, all of which can be provided by the DMO, and if your website has it all, there is little reason to search elsewhere. 

Your DMO website should be designed to inspire and capture the attention of potential visitors, providing accurate and useful information about your destination, clear calls-to-action to simplify the booking process, and of course, to stand out from the increasingly tough competition in the tourism industry. Your website is the window into your destination, a dedicated platform to showcase everything your destination is known for and can offer travellers who are looking to visit. 

Switzerland Tourism recently launched its brand new website and it’s a really fantastic example of a design that has been thoughtfully crafted around market behaviour and the user journey. 

Take a few minutes to visit the site and you will find yourself travelling across the idyllic lakes of Bergun or at the foot of the Froglio Waterfall. Upon landing on the homepage, the hero display draws you into an immersive and captivating movie of diverse landscapes, responsive to movement and to a relaxing soundtrack of Swiss nature. 

The calendar function shows visitors seasonal highlights in a highly visual way and as you scroll down the page, you will find information on hotels, trains, flights, trails, travel tips, events and offers, plus a view from the visitors perspective with an interactive map highlighting different areas in the destination shown using UGC. 

In addition to highly engaging visuals and an enjoyable user experience, there is plenty of easy to find, useful information for the visitor, from things to do to currency information and weather updates. 

Switzerland Tourism will be joining us at #DTTTGlobal, sharing insights and lessons learnt on the 4 year journey of its creation. We will learn how the importance of time, data and market specific knowledge has shaped the truly impressive site we see today, handling multiple languages and adapting to specific accessibility needs. We will also explore the efficiency of AI and its plans of exploring data for personalisation in the future.    


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