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Visit Jersey | Developing an Experience Framework


In 2018-2019, Visit Jersey invited the #DTTT to the island to design a product and experience development plan. 

Experiences are the element that differentiates a destination from its competitors. Visit Jersey wanted to develop successful products tailored to the needs of key target markets and consumer profiles, which perfectly supported the brand and delivered added value based on currently underserved customer needs by Jersey's competitors. Jersey's signature experiences deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences found only on the #islandbreak.

The key focus was to involve more businesses in the process of creating visitor experiences which complement the brand of Visit Jersey and help move the product offer in the tourism sector away from traditional markets towards a more switched-on digitally engaged millennial and gen-z market with a ‘zest for life’. 

The Work

Organising a series of workshops, the team at the Digital Tourism Think Tank engaged both the leadership team at Visit Jersey and also the wider tourism industry directly. The process involved gathering input and strategic ideas from the leadership team, whilst also ideating and exploring possible ways together. 

The workshop was designed to develop ideas, experiences and tangible products using design thinking methods and exercises. This includes the development of canvases, interactive and ideation material to stimulate the development of new ideas and concepts, which were then prototyped and pitched to the group. 

This also included developing ‘Signature Experiences’, ‘Experience Pairings’ as well as trails and itineraries, some of which were trialled during #DTTTCampus 2018. From exploring Jersey’s oyster beds to foraging on Jersey’s coastline, discovering Jersey’s farm story to capturing Jersey’s surf story and abseiling down Mont Orgueil; delegates discovered the island break, and then shared their experiences using the latest digital marketing techniques.

Based on all the ideas, suggestions and experiences generated in the workshop, the DTTT team then provided concrete recommendations on how to surface these on the Visit Jersey website through product groupings, trails, etc. and defined a marketing plan, taking into consideration the necessary steps to go to market.

Using the #DTTT’s Experience Framework and custom-designed workshop material, 40 businesses joined in a process focused on several priorities;

Brand Match

A clearly defined brand should be the starting point to create appealing experiences for visitors and products should be seen as the natural extension of the brand, offering the opportunity to provide authentic fulfilment to visitors. This is where experience ambassadors and rich storytelling come into play, linking the message with fulfilment. 


Stories shaped around the brand experience represent a powerful and compelling message for potential visitors but the key is to successfully deliver this message so it reaches the right audiences at the right time in the right place. A Hero, Hub, Hygiene content strategy helps lift the brand experience together with true ambassadors, taking their stories further as they become not only brand but experience ambassadors too. 

Packaging & distribution 

The execution and delivery of destination experiences is a key strategic question for destinations today. It is essential that everything is completely aligned from brand values and ambassadors to product-channel fit and brand promise. The packaging of destination experiences is really important in order to reach the right audiences with an authentic message. 

Organisation & curation 

By curating the offer, DMOs can pair the right experience which really helps lift the brand and offer a unique, stand-out experience. Product pairing represents a key opportunity for DMOs and this is where partnerships, particularly local partnerships, are essential.  


An Experience Map was created which guides the Product Development strategy of Visit Jersey for the coming years, plus a complete workflow and plan to implement the new product offering, communication and market-ready for Spring 2019.

More than 20 product pairings were also created as well as four signature experience stories, which involve businesses in the process of telling the brand story. Visit Jersey is now incorporating this work into their brand strategy and testing product integration with upcoming campaigns.

We would love to hear about your visions and strategies looking to the future, and if you would like to arrange a workshop, please get in touch with the team. To learn more about our support for DMOs, visit our /Advisory section.

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