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We're delighted to announce that our Premier Tickets are now on sale. Premier Tickets holders can enjoy the following perks to make their #DTTT Campus experience extra special. Is this worth it? Here are the reasons you should take advantage of the Premier Tickets. 

Why go Premier?

  Squeeze even more out of your #DTTT Campus experience with the Campus Premier Tickets. On top of the benefit of ensuring you get on the workshop you want, Premier Tickets also include 2 exclusive workshop where you can dive deep in content creation whilst experiencing more of what Jersey has to offer.

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Two unique workshops

gin FLight workshop
Moonlight Walk workshop

Gin Flight Workshop

Moonlight Walk Workshop

Project 52 is a place like no other in Jersey. With a private upstairs floor for members, and a bar that anyone can come to, 52 is a place for the like-minded to rub shoulders and relax over a well-mixed drink or two. During this exclusive workshop on Wednesday evening, we'll be talking about the history of the gin, the different styles and recipes and enjoy some fantastic gin cocktails. Your workshop leader will show you how to shoot and tell the whole experience.

Jersey has something very special that few places in the world can compete with; it's tidal landscape. On Friday night, follow your local guide, Derek, for a Jersey's 'Moonlight Walks'. Derek reveals an incredible phenomenon, experiencing the electrical glow of life on the sea bed by the most resilient of marine life withstanding the strong tidal flows twice a day. Your creative lead for this workshop is going to show you how to create incredible content which will be sure to make your followers engage and share.

Early workshop booking

With the Premier Ticket, you get to choose your favourite workshops before anyone else! Have a look at our amazing workshops here:

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