Brand Repositioning

Person looking at train times

Journey Mapping for Opening Markets

3hrs | €650

This session provides the first basis for the identification of the different touchpoints, messages, channels and strategies used by the DMO to reach consumers along the visitor cycle.

Person mapping out on a whiteboard

Market Segment & Needs Mapping

3hrs | €650

Learn to map out changes, opportunities, consumer demographics, needs, key influences and interests of your existing and potential target audiences.

A team working on a project

New Visitor Personas & Segments

3hrs | €650

Understanding customer personas is a great way to focus on your audience in a more targeted way, according to the characteristics of the audience segments. Learn to identify those segments and how to target them.

People waiting to cross wearing facemasks

New Normal New Needs

3hrs | €650

This session is about creating a visual and clear representation of your customer persona, with a real picture to portray it. A physical 'customer persona card' can benefit larger teams, to align and understand their target users.

Influencer posing

Identifying New Ambassadors around Purpose

3hrs | €650

Influencers and content creators are a big part of current marketing campaigns. Choosing the right ambassador to appeal to a specific segment is essential for high and effective engagement. This session is about identifying those ambassadors and creating the communications plan for your campaign.

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