Frame the Challenge

Frame the Challenge

4hrs | €425 

Through a guided-brainstorming session, we'll help you identify and understand the root causes of your destination's key challenges.

Applying Empathy in Strategy

2hrs | €425 

Learn to identify all the key users and their needs in your challenge. This will help as you plan and strategise for short or long-term development.

Photo showing the inside of a plane

Defining Scenarios and Outcomes

2hrs | €425

Defining future or current scenarios will help you prepare for any sudden changes. In this session, you will learn to implement a user-centred approach to planning.

Ideation session

Ideating Solutions Collectively

2hrs | €425

An ideation session, will help you to get to faster and more efficient solutions. We can guide your process to make sure it's well thought out.

Prototyping an app

Prototyping Solutions

2hrs | €425

The prototyping phase is essential to verify the effectiveness of ideas, before launching the final version. Every little step is important to change the status quo.

Sticky note saying run a user test


2hrs | €425

Before launching a new product or strategy, it is essential to test is feasibility. In this session, we will guide your team and test your product to avoid a risk of failure.

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