Experience Design

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Pivoting Products and Experiences

3hrs | €650

In this session you will match your visitor's needs with your destination's experiences, by defining your customer profile and your experience offering. This can help your short or long term marketing strategy as your align specific profiles to current and potential future offers.

Designing Hyper Focused Recovery Experiences

3hrs | €650

Niche tourism is a growing phenomenon. This session is all about developing unique ideas for niche experiences and their relevant market segments.

Developing Themed Recovery Experience Sets

3hrs | €650

Develop your own experiences within your destination. We will start by looking at possible themes for your experiences, and destination values you would like to be reflected in the experiences, such as respecting the environment.

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Creating Mindful Trails & Itineraries to Isolation

3hrs | €650

We will explore how to pair together products and experiences within your destination to create unique trails and itineraries,

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