Sharing Optimisation

Getting your audience to share content is gold for any marketer, not least in destination marketing where word of mouth carries so much weight. This service has been designed to help walk you through the process of making shareability central to your digital workflow.
How can I get my content to get shared more? This is a simple model that gets content creators to ask 5 simple questions to increase shareability of their content.

Audience (Who?)

We develop a number of personas, define their network, their strong ties and their weak ties. Who would they share something with?

Motivation (Why?)

We identify the sharing needs of our core audience. Why would they share something? What are the deeper motivations (self-expression, pride,...). What's in it for them?

Shareable Content (What?)

We brainstorm new content ideas or we make existing content ideas more shareable. What do we add or take away to fulfill our 'brief' from steps 1 and 2.

Channel (Where?)

In what channels does our audience share with their network. Digital? Verbal?

Nudge for the Share (How?)

We optimise text and visuals to increase chances of sharing. We define 'Share Statements' - what would they say if the forwarded/shared this? How can we use words and visuals to stimulate that?


SHO Framework Explained

Two workshops guide you through the SHO Framework. By following 9 different steps guided by #DTTT Expert, Gerrie Smits, you will create content that is more likely to appeal to the sharing motivations of your audience.
The first workshops sets the scene.
  • Do we understand who we work for?
  • Do we know what we’re trying to achieve?

Remote Session 1

The first workshop sets the scene where we look at personas and ask ourselves key questions about our content and our visitors.

Do we understand who we work for?

Do we know what we’re trying to achieve?

We analyse 3-5 pieces of existing content

What was the objective of this content?

What were you trying to achieve?

What is the problem we’re trying to solve?

Remote Session 2

In the second workshop we go through an editorial process and make your existing content more shareable. After the workshop you’ll be able to apply this way of thinking to your own content objectives.

We extend the existing personas with a networking exercise, dig deeper into each persona's sharing motivations and identify key channels in which the personas would be active.


Gerrie Smits

Leadership & Digital Strategist

Gerrie Smits is a consultant, coach and keynote speaker. He’s fascinated by the impact of digital and technology on our organisations, our products, our communications and our society. Gerrie has got 20+ years of experience in industries that got disrupted by the internet, so that makes him a hands-on expert.

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