Partnership Marketing Framework

Strategic partnerships can be a meaningful way for a DMO to stretch its resources, reach new audiences and collaborate on effective campaigns with incredible results. In this service we work with you on designing a partnership marketing framework, which maps out your opportunities and approach.
This service has been uniquely designed with #DTTT Expert Talia who has a wealth of experience building successful digital partnerships at Brand USA. She will work with your team to design and leverage fruitful partnerships with both travel and non-travel sector partners that will align with your organizational goals and marketing efforts.

Working remotely with you and your team...

In a collaborative remote working environment, we'll work with your team to look at the key partner marketing opportunities and conduct a run-through of everything from the potential of any given opportunity to the mutual interest sought by all partners.

  • The opportunity
  • Current partners and programs
  • Potential partner types
  • Resources requirements
  • Partner outreach
  • Outlining  benefits
  • Timing and key milestones
  • Issues and objections
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Establishing a partner playbook and marketing guidelines

Key Outcomes

  • Establish a strategic partnership framework either for specific use case or your partnerships as a whole
  • Identify key areas of focus
  • Assist with the operationalising of partnerships with outcomes such as partnership playbooks to ensure messaging consistency
  • Establish how each entity works to contribute to the partnership

Remote Design Approach

This service is delivered remotely, with an initial call to gain a better understanding of the DMO's current partnerships and the relationships already in place.

Working together in a series of remotely held collaborative sessions, we'll work towards building and completing a partnership framework, working through a series of different stages.

The nature of the remote session enables you to involve multiple teams and departments, and even loop in partners to the ideation session as you're building your partnership framework.

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Talia Salem

Content Strategy & Industry Partnerships

Talia has over 10 years of experience in tourism, social media marketing and content strategy. Prior to consulting, she worked as Manager of Social and Content for Brand USA, the USA’s public-private partnership dedicated to increasing international visitation to the United States. Talia oversaw the development of Brand USA’s content strategy and the launch of, the USA’s official new consumer travel websites in 15 markets including visuals and content strategy. She also oversaw global social media and content campaigns in 15 markets in 8 languages.

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