The future of travel can be quite scary for tourism marketers, as businesses and destinations need to ensure that they moving appropriately into the future, investing time and resources into becoming more digital, mobile, connected and networked. These are all essential points and trends that need to considered for tourism companies to remain competitive on the market. If businesses and tourism destinations do not make use of the latest technologies and developments in travel, these will eventually fall behind and might not have a future. Especially big data provides great opportunities for companies in travel as most other things are simply replaceable (Marketing 2013).


Competition in travel is gradually moving away from competition based on products towards competition very much based on transparency. User reviews and recommendations are dominating the way in which businesses and destination in tourism are competing. Consumers interested in a company’s product or service will simply search for it online, trusting UG reviews more than the business and destination itself.


Another thing that is becoming clear through the emergence of digital technologies and applications is the fact that employees need to do something that does make them irreplaceable or they will be replaced by computers and machines. Ongoing change in the travel industry also needs to be reflected within organisations, as otherwise, these companies will become irrelevant due to not being adaptive to change.


It is no surprise to marketers that tourism businesses need to respond to the changing user expectations. Consumer’s expectations towards travel are changing and these changes and new demands need to be met by tourism businesses and destinations. Any travel company needs to see the world in a different way, social demographic changes along with generations growing up increasingly using digital technologies as part of their every day lives impact on travel.

All these things will impact heavily on the future of travel and tourism businesses and destinations need to respond to these changes appropriately, as travel products, businesses and its employees are becoming increasingly replaceable, making it necessary to add value and respond to changes appropriately. Only those companies most adaptive to change will survive in tourism!

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