We are proud to be partnering with travel audience for the 3rd year running for #DTTTGlobal. travel audience works exclusively with destinations, airlines, OTAs and travel companies to provide a data-driven, digital advertising platform and an end to end solution for coordinating marketing efforts for the maximum end result. 

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Follow the Journey

The travel audience platform can follow the whole consumer journey online, learning key information such as who clicks, who doesn’t, how long people are searching in the inspiration phase, what they are searching, which destination's travellers were searching for, which websites yield the most conversions etc. This provides valuable insights on the visitors as well as the competing destinations, which we know is paramount to a successful strategy.

Track the Bookings

One of the great things about travel audience’s platform is that it is able to attribute actual bookings as a direct result of an active campaign. One of the biggest advantages is access to the full ecosystem. We love the fact that travel audience’s ecosystem provides the full view of the customer journey from research to conversion. The ecosystem partners with online travel agencies all over the world and are able to see the bookings made the destination after having seen (or clicked on) the campaign or visiting the destination website.

Connect and Expand

The key here is that both parties gain exposure to new audiences as a result of the co-branded campaigns. In addition to this, the travel audience platform also has more than 1000 partnerships with publishers including online travel agencies and travel sites which allows destination's to find the best advertising opportunities to target its key target groups with the right message, in the right context and at the right time.

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