User Generated Content Framework

Empowering Locals and Visitors as Content Creators

In a content-led world, the most exciting and authentic content often comes from locals and visitors. They share content from, about and inside destinations as they see them.
If destinations are able to harness and encourage a consistent supply of user-generated content they can bolster their own content strategy and social proof, while providing a necessary modern method of engagement with the people that make the destination unique.
This service covers finding and using existing content, encouraging and incentivising visitors and locals to create more and how the DMO can use these effectively in campaigns.

Initial Audit

Existing Content

  • Analysis of existing content including trends, sentiment
  • Identifying hotspots
  • Assessing previous use of UGC in campaigns and at events

Material Analysed

  • Previous analysis - wins and learnings
  • Current behaviour/trend focus for visitors & locals
    (hotspots and key content)
  • Remit, aims and resource for UGC

Output #1
Always-on UGC opportunities

  • Always-on channel strategy
  • Visualised Channel Strategy
  • Detailed channel breakdown
    overview, nurture, incentives, effective tracking and searching

Output #2
Campaign Opportunities

  • Visualised campaign and event plan
  • Detailed checklists
    Overview, aim, nurture, incentivisation, post, pre and during trip
  • Upcoming events / campaigns with template that can be used independently
Jessica riches

Jessica Riches

Content & Engagement Strategist

Jessica Riches is an award-winning social media, content and engagement specialist. Before starting to work as a #DTTT Expert, she worked with a variety of clients including Toshiba, Universal Pictures, the Nike Foundation, Marks & Spencer, the Tower of London, the Green Party and Pottermore. She works creating strategies, delivering training and managing communities.

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