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What better way to improve the visitor experience than experiencing the visit with the visitors themselves. That was a mouthful! But we think the best way to refine the visitor experience in destination is to 'Adopt a visitor' and experience it together.
This workshop will invite visitors to be part of a design thinking process, looking at how the visit met expectations, challenges and opportunities. In essence, DMOs will learn how to humanise the research process by actually taking visitors on the spot and getting to understand their decision making process, behaviours and influences and see how we as DMOs can serve them better.
Ultimately, you will be given the opportunity to run a series of pilots in-person with actual visitors including: micro visitor surveys, focus group sessions, content and channel exploratory sessions.

All you need to know for this workshop 

Who is it for?

- Tourist Information Centre Teams, who want to understand how to best adapt their destination to their consumer's needs.

-Research & Visitor Insight Teams, who want to know how get a fresh perspective on their destination.

-  Destination Development Teams, who want to revolutionise their design thinking processes.


Your Agenda

-Introduction & inspirations


 -Ideation process




 -Pitch and debrief

Workshop Outcomes

Understand how to humanise the research process

Explore content, channel and discovery trends in person

Get out of your comfort zone, taking research in-house

Co-create ideas and concepts with other DMOs

Meet and talk with real visitors, understand their needs

Gather and explore varying forms of research and share a range of knowledge with other DMOs

Challenge your own assumptions with facts

Learn new techniques and processes which you can put into action back at home in your DMO

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