Workshop Overview /

Expology have been 'telling stories through physical and digital space' for the past 21 years.  They are proud of their internal tools and methodologies for developing compelling and relevant experiences. 

All you need to know for this workshop

Who is it for?

 -Experienced Designers, who want to innovate their destination's trails and tours.

- Content Innovation Pros, who want to revolutionise how their destination's hygiene information is distributed.

  - Digital Designers, who want to how to utilise i-beacons in an effective way.


Your Agenda

-Introduction & inspirations


- Ideation process




-Pitch and debrief

Workshop Outcomes

Gain a deep understanding on Location Based Content

Get together as teams and shape a real digital experience

Discover what makes an amazing digital experience

Think about the user needs and how new technologies, beacons and LBS can serve and solve core needs

Share experiences with others on creating content enhanced visitor experiences

Map out ideas and develop these into concepts

Learn from a range of best practices, what makes great experiences and where others often fail

Try-out and test your own LBS discovery trail

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