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360 Content is a hugely powerful medium for storytelling but creating effective, powerful and engaging VR content isn't quite as easy. We've seen lots of great examples of good 360 content since it first came on the scene a number of years back, one of the most notable being 'Chasing the World VR' by Daniel Bury. Daniel Bury has had his 360 films featured at Cannes Film Festival and is one of the youngest up and coming creators in the world of VR Filmmaking. 

We are incredibly excited to have Daniel joining us to host this hands-on workshop, where participants will have the opportunity to dive straight into the VR video creation process, from ideation to the creation of a prototype. Daniel will also focus specifically on how to intelligently frame and storyboard a VR video so it can be distributed in traditional formats on social media, streaming platforms and cinemas in addition to VR, demonstrating how cutting edge content can really deliver great results.

All you need to know for this workshop

Who is it for? 

 - Content Creators, who want to advance their videography in the realm of multidirectional videos.

 - VR Enthusiasts, who want to understand more provocative uses of 180 and 360 degree videos.

  - Digital Strategists, who want to create more exciting and innovative content. 

Your Agenda - Day 1

(180 Techniques)

- Introduction & inspirations


-Shoot (exploring 180 techniques)


-Editing and debrief



Your Agenda - Day 2

(360 Techniques)

-Introduction & inspirations


-Shoot (exploring 360 techniques)


-Editing and debrief



Workshop Outcomes

Sensory Discovery

The format/ Consumption

How to create narrative versus gimmick

What's it going to look like on YouTube

Identifying the stories

How do people without headsets experience it

How voiceover/ multi-sensory elements can be powerful/ how to truly immerse

How multi-purpose

How do we bring awareness to the people in the places and prioritise viewer experience over brand needs

Vertical video

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