Workshop Overview

For the third year in a row, Gothenburg is the world’s leading sustainable destination and Göteborg & Co functions as a platform for collaboration and long-term partnerships between the stakeholders within the destination. 

Collaboration is a fundamental step in developing an attractive and competitive destination and together with Göteborg & Co and Gram Malmö, Sweden's first package-free and zero-waste grocery store, this workshop will look at designing a framework for a sustainable destination from two different perspectives.

All you need to know for this workshop

Who is it for?

  - Sustainability Strategists, who want to know how to effectively collaborate with local partners, to revolutionise their destination in a sustainable manner.



Your Agenda

-Introduction & inspirations

-Ideation process

- Prototype

-Pitch and debrief

We take the “Three Aspects of Sustainability”

1. Ecological Perspective how to rethink the very fabric of the destination experience to have minimal impact or even positive impact on the environment, where all consumers are empowered with 'choice'.


2. Growth Perspective spread the value of tourism consumption, address over-tourism, target low-season and under-tourism


3. Social & Inclusivity Perspective ensuring tourism is used as a force for good, whether it's promoting equality of all forms or ensuring more people see the value of tourism.

Workshop Outcomes

• Long Term View [20 Years] "What's achievable now"

• Short Term View [1-3 Years] "What's possible to do now"

As an active participant in this hands on workshop, you'll have the opportunity to think about:

•Policy changes


•Trails and experiences 

•How to effectively market and communicate sustainability as part of conscious destination branding

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