Workshop Overview /

Up Norway creates highly bespoke experiences based on an optimal match between what modern travellers are looking for together with the destination's ecosystem of local partners. Not only does this provide the modern day traveller with a personalised and meaningful travel experience, but it considers the whole customer journey from start to finish in the process. 
Together with the Up Norway team, this workshop will look at what is needed when it comes to designing and end-to-end premium experience and how it can be successfully implemented.

All you need to know for this workshop

With this perspective, you will then go out and create your own premium experience as part of the workshop, taking it from strategic concepts to a fully mapped-out concept ready to take to market.

Who is it for?

  - Destination Development Teams, who want to enhance their guest stay, by creating a more poignant and individualised experience.

 - DMOs looking to revitalise their destination. DMOs who want to learn how to successful facilitate improvements to your guest experience. 

  - Partnership Strategists, who want to learn how to cater to the modern traveller. 

The Agenda 

  -Introduction & inspirations

-Ideation process


-Pitch and debrief



Workshop Outcomes

Explore general trends related to experiential travel

Think and test storytelling approaches

Understand what a premium experience looks like

Exploring how to design entirely new visitor experiences.

Consider how premium experiences can support the destination brand

Develop your own signature brand experience concepts

Develop new concepts and prototype ideas, even testing them out

Work with time partnerships on relevant opportunities

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