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Mobility has evolved rapidly over the past few years, with a number of recent spurs driven by development in tech. The wider trend has seen the gradual shift from ownership towards the shared economy, but what are the opportunities for DMOs to tap-into?

There is now an abundance of low-emission, sharable and electric transport mediums, such as electric bikes and scooters. In this workshop, we will be sharing our vision of the future of mobility and the advent of autonomous vehicles to help with accessibility and future sustainability. You will also be reflecting on how you can use mobility as a storytelling platform and assist with addressing over tourism. 

All you need to know for this workshop

You'll explore how micro-mobility can go further, shaping and changing existing visitor behaviour and also creating completely new visitor experiences. This workshop is not so much about looking at the current tend but more about looking at how DMOs and Mobility start-ups can come up with innovative new concepts to build new experiences together. In this workshop, participants will be invited to develop prototype ideas for their destinations during the workshop.

Who is it for?

  - Environmentally conscious DMO's who want to reduce their destination's carbon footprint.

- DMO's who want to diminish the negative impacts of tourism on their destination.

  - Destination Strategists, who want more futuristic means of transport, tours and trails.

The Agenda

-Introduction & inspirations

-Ideation process


-Pitch and debrief



   Get fully up-to-speed on current mobility trends and micro-mobility


Explore trends with other destinations looking at the pros and cons


Identify and map-out unexplored opportunities for tourism 


Develop new concepts and prototype ideas, even testing them out


Ideating around micro-mobility and moving people out of cars



Exploring how to design entirely new visitor experiences.    



Changing visitor behaviour with tech-mobility start-ups & marrying micro-mobility with micro-enterprise to benefit all


Develop a minimum viable product and pitch it to peers

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