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Following closely behind their Millennial predecessors, Gen Z is the next big thing in destination marketing. A generation of true digital pioneers and social media natives, who are influencing family travel decisions and are heavily swayed by social media when it comes to deciding where they want to travel.

This workshop will fully explore the latest trends on visual storytelling, learning how to create the right content for the right audience, specifically focusing on capturing the attention of niche audiences and passion groups. 

All you need to know for this workshop

This workshop will fully explore the newest trends in how content is consumed amongst the Gen Z market, looking at both how content comes together in tone, format, pitch and style as well as mediums and channels which are most prevalent amongst young travellers and how to successfully engage and work with them.

This is not your regular storytelling business. You will have the opportunity to discuss first hand experience of working with the newest channels and content trends as well as explore how to be relevant to this fast rising travel audience.

Who is it for?

  - DMOs whose target audience relate to families and young travellers. 

-Content Strategists, who want to know how to employ social media, in order to communicate with various generations.

-Content Strategists, who want to understand how to elevate their storytelling technique.

The Agenda

- Introduction & inspirations

-Ideation process


-Pitch and debrief

Workshop Outcomes

Explore a wide range of new channels and formats

Develop prototype content idea:

• Built for new audiences

• Published on new channels

• Shaped around audience interests

Identify your own partners for different markets and audiences

Show and tell session with DMOs in a roundtable

Test and discuss content trends and storytelling for Gen Z

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