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Design Thinking

This series provides you will a comprehensive package of design thinking methods for the Tourism & Tavel, from primary toolkits to templates on the most advanced digital innovations in the industry.

Sustainability Leadership Programme

In this series you can find all the templates for activities introduced in the Sustainability Leadership Programme for destinations to help their employees become sustainability leaders within the organisation.

Business Resources

Ih this Series, you can find all the information needed for the Tourism & Travel industry to understand challenges, become increasingly resilient and plan for recovery.

Industry Support Programme

This series provides you with a comprehensive guide on employing Design Thinking methods to identify challenges in the industry, define a robust strategy, adapting products and experiences as well introducing new ones.

12 Stages of Transformation

The 12 Stages of Transformation Series is a comprehensive pack of resources created by the DTTT Team which follows the Transformation Framework, a model built around 12 key topics that form the basis for the Destination Transformation.

DTTT Campus

This series provides you with Design Thinking and creative workshop templates led by Content Leads and Creators as part of the 4th edition DTTT Campus in Oslo, 2019.


Sustainability Leadership Programme