In this closed room environment, candid conversation is encouraged as Directors of Digital and Marketing discuss major challenges, trends and insights from a first-hand perspective around the table. These limited-capacity sessions present a unique opportunity to join our new Destination Workstreams which are designed to further knowledge, understanding and solutions around critically important topics impacting strategic decision-making and leadership today.


10 April


Progressive Destinations

A roundtable dedicated to progressive approaches to destination management and leadership:

1.  New Indicators for Measuring Sustainability
2. Impact of Sustainability Certifications
3. Facilitating Transparent Communications
4. Innovative Projects that are Driving Change


Exploring Today's Training Needs

A roundtable dedicated to exchanging insights about how DMOs support tourism entrepreneurs:

1.  Role of DMOs in Supporting Businesses
2. Identifying Skills Development Needs
3. Platforms that Maximise Engagement
4. Measuring Return on Investment


Marketing Technology Trends

A roundtable dedicated to discussing the various marketing technologies used by DMOs:

1.  Generative AI
2. Customer Relationship Management
3. SEO & SEM
4. Social Media Management