Chieko Tanaka

Representative Director 

As the Representative Director of the General Incorporated Association of Touristship, Chieko is focusing on the development of the destination's "Touristship". This is a keyword for the DMO which, similar to sportsmanship, refers to how tourism also has a spirit and behaviour (= touristship) that everyone involved should cherish.

She is in charge of branding, promotion and arranging events and seminars related to “touristship” for expansion. For all stakeholders, including residents in Kyoto and visitors, she is taking care of the “touristship” mindset for cherishing people, things, natural resources, culture, history etc.

The General Incorporated Association Touristship was established in October 2019, which is allowing the destination to create a form of tourism where travellers, residents and people involved in the tourism industry can get close to each other, interact and spend their time comfortably.