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Exploring digital shifts in the future of destination branding

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10th - 11th December 2024

Join us for FDB 2024

Join a special invite only gathering of some of the most innovative, leading destination and travel brands globally and take inspiration from a truly incredible line-up of some of the best in class digital examples of destination brand creativity and activation. Here are the themes we will be covering:

Digital Policy Agenda

Explore the evolving digital landscape and its impact on tourism regulations, data privacy, and responsible marketing.
  • The AI Act - Implications & Opportunities
  • Green Claims Directive - Transparency & Purpose
  • Accessibility Act - Inclusivity Beyond Standards
  • Digital Identity - Understanding the Impact for Tourism
  • Digitalisation Agenda - Investing in Digital Transformation
  • Data Governance Act (EU legislation on handling data)

Future Brand Agenda

Discover innovative strategies for destination branding in a digital world, crafting authentic narratives and building lasting connections.
  • Local Content Perspectives - Between Niche and Nuance
  • Return on Investment - Determining the Value of an Audience
  • Purposeful Brand Impact - Reflecting on Digital Creativity and Purpose

Future Technology Agenda

Uncover the latest technological advancements transforming travel and tourism, from immersive experiences to AI-powered personalisation.
  • Generative AI in Balance
  • XR Brand Experiences
  • Elevating Experiences with Data Spaces


Roundtables & X. Awards  Tuesday 10th December

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Future. Destination. Brand.  Wednesday 11th December

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Leadership Roundtables

Thursday 10th December

The Leadership Roundtables are a solid part of Future. Destination. Brand. offering critical boardroom style discussions on a wide range of critical topics, where no opinion, idea or view is barred.

In this closed room environment, candid conversation is encouraged as Directors of Digital and Marketing discuss major challenges, trends and insights from a first-hand perspective around the table.

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Awards 2024

Thursday 10th December

The X. Awards are a celebration of the best of the best in tourism. We wanted to bring together the tourism community to recognise those destinations, businesses and/or organisations that have stood out for pivoting or continuing the work to support their industry and wider communities.

This year we have created a new category, which is all about groundbreaking businesses that are improving visitor experiences, supporting the operations of their partners and shaping a brighter future for tourism.

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Previous Speakers

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