Our Methods

Championing a new way of doing things. Design Thinking and Agile is at the heart of everything we do, putting creativity at the centre of strategic change.

The Remote Design Process

There are 5 core stages of the Design Thinking sprint process. We work with you through the different stages in a mix of remote and in-person environments in order to gather and develop ideas with a blend of structure and creativity and hold nothing back in coming up with a solution. No idea is too big.

The Tools we Use

We're partners with Remote Design solution Mural and have built more than 70 templates to work on different unique DMO challenges.

With this method, we're able to work through your challenges in a highly visual and collaborative way. By organising all of our combined thoughts into visual and clear sections we identify and lay the foundations for potential solutions.

Our 5 Stage Methodology


This stage will involve key industry mentors and leaders to immerse you in the challenge, get perspective and thrash out problems.


This stage guides you to organise problems into groupings and drill-down in-depth on data and insight gathered from expert meetings.


With extensive knowledge gathered, put all of your ideas together, clustering them and deciding on which ideas to take forward.


You will select one idea to take into a prototyping stage to develop the idea intensively to show how an MVP would look and function.


Take prototypes out to users and observe how they interact, respond, and interpret the solutions, working through iterations on input.

Building an Agile Team

Agile is a method which allows small teams to thrive in high-velocity work environments, where productivity thrives and the time to launch ideas, concepts and projects is greatly shortened.

Structure and Workflow

Moving ideas into projects requires a solid structure where amazing multi-disciplined teams can establish a brilliant workflow.

Here we champion the use of Asana to totally transform the process and set-up a virtual collaborative team environment which supports constant iteration and a fully mapped out timeline of deliverables and actions.

#DTTT ♡'s Asana

The #DTTT's Agile Workflow is built on Asana .