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Austria Concierge

Austrian National Tourist Board

The Austria Concierge is an AI-based chatbot integrated into our national tourism portal,, designed to revolutionize the visitor experience. As a centerpiece of digital transformation in tourism, the Concierge heralds a new era of customer interaction by offering real-time, tailored travel guidance.

Strategically, the Austria Concierge sits at the heart of our mission, reflecting innovation's pivotal role in achieving our organizational and industry-wide strategic goals. It represents a creative leap, merging cutting-edge AI with our rich content to deliver a unique user experience.

In terms of execution, the project is meticulously measured and monitored, with user interactions providing a wealth of data to refine and perfect the service continuously. The iterative development of the AI-Concierge ensures our content remains at the forefront of relevance and engagement.

The impact of the AI-Concierge cannot be overstated. It has significantly strengthened our organization post-transformation, providing an interactive platform that elevates the user experience to unprecedented levels. By expanding to include the diverse content of Austria's nine federal states, we are setting a new standard for personalized tourism services.

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The Transformation Award


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