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The DMO website reimagined - redesigning

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The website remains very important in inspiring travel, aiding travelers in the planning process, and branding Norway as an interesting and attractive destination. In an evolving digital landscape, it's also crucial for to be recognized as an authentic, reliable, updated, and helpful travel resource that's easily accessible on your preferred device: The mobile phone.


Since its last redesign in 2015, had become outdated, with a design primarily made for catering to desktop users. With 70-80% of our traffic now from mobile devices, we aimed to enhance mobile accessibility by creating content and designs optimized for mobile, alongside new innovative and robust technical solutions.

We've thus undertaken a comprehensive transformation of, enhancing the content, visuals, and technical aspects. The revamped site launched on August 28, 2023, with a focus on a 'mobile-first' approach, enriching the user experience with a dynamic and more immersive mobile user interface.

We're also elevating the platform beyond a typical travel guide by offering detailed, customized content for avid travelers, with more than 800 unique editorial articles, translated into up to nine languages, significantly enlarging our digital and searchable footprint. Despite significant annual budget reductions, it was essential to extend our organic reach and influence. This also gives us traffic of higher quality to the website.  

A key part of our redesign was modernizing our technology stack. We've boosted developer experience and user performance by developing and implementing an extensive component library and adopting a cutting-edge, 'headless' CMS. This allows us greater hands-on opportunities to pioneer innovations in front-end development.

The overall goal:

To inspire travellers to come to Norway, to stay longer and experience more in every region, and travel in a more responsible and sustainable way.


• The result of the entire process is a better user experience which includes faster page views and a more inspiring and useful website.

• Since we launched the “new” site 28th of August 2023, traffic to the site in September-October was up 19 % from last year, and 92% of the traffic is organic.

• Our scrollytelling format, optimized for mobile phones, along with an engaging mobile design, maintains consistent user engagement across our site. The articles featured in this format captivate readers for longer periods compared to standard articles and are distinguished by their powerful visual appeal.

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The Transformation Award


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