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The journey of your life

Catalan Tourist Board

In ‘The Journey of Your Life’ we follow a young teenager and her parents on a journey around Catalonia. Jana’s parents want it to be an unforgettable holiday because they think it will be the last trip their teenage daughter agrees to go on with them. They decide to take her to the land of her roots, where her father was born, so that she can experience and learn about its real meaning at first hand. This approach connects with the new traveller who wants to experience the journey as a local and appreciates the essence and authenticity of the chosen destination. The narrative takes the viewer to visit places and connect with people who will enable them to feel the authenticity of the destination and the travel experience through the eyes of a teenage girl who discovers something she does not expect: admiring the landscape and nature, having fun on beaches, savouring Catalan cuisine, finding out about local culture, meeting new friends and reconnecting with herself in a way she has never done before. This journey is stimulating and thrilling. It is a twofold journey: the physical experience of the journey itself and also its main character’s inner and emotional journey. The video portrays the journey as a transformational experience which changes the perspective through emotions. What our heroine started out doing as an obligation ends up as an experience which she wishes would never end.

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