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Learn how to stay relevant in the market and what technologies can help boost your strategy; be innovative, put digital at the core of your methods and be open to adopting new ways of attracting visitors.

Our expert team understand the unique needs of the tourism industry and have created a number of services to help destinations, academia and tourism businesses of all sizes.

Macro Trends and Innovation

Changing Consumer Behaviour

Embracing Digitalisation

Sustainable Innovation


Product & Experience Development

The growing trend in how destinations and tourism businesses see their role in the visitor cycle has shifted heavily towards ensuring the experience in the destination matches and supports the brand. 

We developed an 'Experience Framework' and have been actively working with DMOs and tourism organisations to develop their own experience strategies.

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Digital Trends

Digital trends shape the way we engage as brands, the way we compete in the digital visitor journey and the way we experience destinations today. We bridge our expertise in digital with a sharp understanding of current consumer trends.

Monitoring emerging horizon technologies, we help our partners leverage these opportunities to become more digital relevant, competitive and impactful.


Industry leading conferences

Don't miss these leading tourism industry events, designed to help you stay on top of future trends. As a DTTT Member benefit from free online attendance and additional perks.

For destinations, start-ups, technology leaders

Bridging the gap between the tourism industry and technology

Putting design-led collaboration at the core of reshaping tourism, X Design Week provides a platform for some of the industry's most innovative players to come together explore, connect, create and reflect on future tech and tourism trends.

During this week-long gathering, destination leaders gather with tech entrepreneurs and start-ups to embrace a diverse set of perspectives working together in a series of sprints, inspired by fireside talks and discussions.

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For leading destinations and tourism industry

The biggest tourism event covering the latest trends and developments

X Festival is the tourism industry's flagship event covering the latest trends and developments through the lens of destinations, their partners and industry.

With more than 100 keynote speakers, discussions and fireside chats, this is the flagship event of the Digital Tourism Think Tank shining a spotlight on the strategies of the world's leading destinations, together with insights from  leading digital platforms, data and intelligence.

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For CEOs and Marketing Directors

Exploring digital shifts in the future of destination branding

Join a gathering of some of the most innovative, leading destination and travel brands globally and take inspiration from a truly incredible line-up of some of the best in class digital examples of destination brand creativity and activation

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