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Digitalisation in Tourism

Our expert team understand the unique needs of your organisation and we have created a number of services to help destinations, academia and tourism businesses of all sizes. Together we can help you to maintain competitiveness with today's digital needs.


Digital Strategy
and Benchmarking

The DTTT is the industry leader in digital transformation for destinations. We have a proven methodology which looks at different aspects of any DMO to get a concrete understanding of what's working, what's not and where opportunities present themselves. All this, with a view to absolute alignment throughout the organisation.

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Business Coaching

The DTTT offers Business Coaching to help tourism organisations, SMEs and Start-ups to map out opportunities to support the digitalisation, growth and competitiveness needs of the industry.

Business coaching sessions are run by experts that address businesses' specific needs and support the implementation of the strategic goals underpinned by the latest opportunities in digital and technology. Here's a snapshot at some of the ways we're supporting business.

  • One-to-One Expert Support
  • Bespoke Advisory Plans
  • Business Training Cohorts
  • Individual Transformation Plans
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Digital Assessments

DTTT offers a wide range of Digital Assessments to understand your organisation's digital needs and performance. Here are some examples of our assessment methods:

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Benchmarking
  • Brand and Competitor Benchmarking
  • DMO Performance Indicator
  • Performance Indicator
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Digitalisation Workshops

We offer a variety of different workshops to help you get that digital edge in developing your destination strategy.

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