AI Strategy & Leadership for Tourism

Next Cohort in February 2024

Created to help tourism professionals discover the full potential of AI and empower individuals to apply this horizon technology in real-life business contexts.

Sean James Gammon

University of Central Lancashire

"Colleagues and students have been very impressed with the leadership-based presentations offered by you – especially the ones linked to AI"

Acquire Skills

You will learn how to apply AI to your day-to-day work by attending this programme.

Limited Spaces

Open to both Members and non-members, this DTTT training has limited places available.

Method Focused

Collaboration, innovation and creativity are key to successfully applying AI in the industry.

Build a Community

This is a space for the tourism community to learn from one another and solve challenges together.


Become a Certified AI Leader

Designed to teach you how to master must-have tools and acquire essential skills to succeed in managing your destination or organisation, be ready to challenge all of your assumptions.

Key Information

The programme runs online over the course of 5 weeks and is made up of 5 modules which contain lessons, case studies and workshop packages.

1. AI Fundamentals for Strategy and Leadership

In this first module, we will look at defining AI and explaining its key concepts, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. We'll also explore the different types of AI and how they are used in the real world.

2. Understanding Large Language Models

The second module is aimed at looking into Large Language Models (LLMs), a type of AI trained on massive datasets of text and code. We will look at understanding the capabilities of LLMs and how they can be used to achieve organisational goals such as improving decision-making and generating new ideas and insights.

3. Leading Solutions: Unpacking Their Potential

In this module, we will focus on how to identify, develop and implement AI solutions that deliver real value to businesses and organisations. We will cover specific case studies and examples of how successful businesses have implemented AI solutions to achieve their goals.

4. AI Data, Values & Ethics

Once we have understood everything that goes into using AI, we will focus on the importance of responsible AI and how to ensure that AI systems are developed and used in a way that is aligned with human values and ethics. By understanding the importance, you can help to ensure that AI is used for good and that it does not harm individuals or society.

5. AI-Driven Digital Brand Experiences

The last module will look at how leaders can use AI to create more engaging and personalised digital brand experiences for their customers. This is essential for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition and attract and retain customers in the digital age.

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Nick Hall

As founder and CEO of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, Nick is one of the leading experts in destination transformation, current trends and digitalisation.


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