Design Thinking Fundamentals

Next Cohort in February 2025

Created for tourism professionals, this programme will help you gain all the necessary skills to use Design Thinking as an innovation method in your day-to-day work.

Randy Rosalie

Seychelles Tourism Board

"This programme has been a great opportunity to understand what other DMOs are doing and learn new skills."

Michelle Callanan

University College Birmingham

"We have learned a lot about Design and Agile Thinking. I loved the combination of learning and social activities."

Wendy Weijdema

Marketing Oost

"Connecting with other DMOs has been a great opportunity and thanks to applying Design Thinking we have been able to solve a challenge that we were previously unable to."

Acquire Skills

You will learn how to apply Design Thinking to your day-to-day work by attending this programme.

Limited Spaces

Open to both Members and non-members, this DTTT training has limited places available.

Method Focused

Collaboration, innovation and creativity are key to successfully applying Design Thinking.

Build a Community

This is a space for the tourism community to learn from one another and solve challenges together.


Become a Certified Design Thinker

Designed to teach you how to master must-have tools and acquire essential skills to succeed in managing your destination or organisation, be ready to challenge all of your assumptions.

Key Information

The programme is an online on-demand course that runs over four weeks. The following programme is subject to change:

1. Identifying Underlying Challenges

The first stage will focus on exploring different techniques which will help you to develop a clearer understanding of the people involved in your challenge.

2. Understanding User Needs

The second stage will be dedicated to understanding why empathy is key to adopting a user or visitor-centred approach to the challenges we face in any situation.

3. Designing Creative Solutions

In this stage, we will work to ideate hundreds, if not thousands of ideas with different methods. This is one of the keys to successfully implementing Design Thinking, as it will help us narrow down the ideas that could work.

4. Developing Effective Prototypes

Once a solution is identified, assumptions pose a risk, as these are almost always based on bias. Learn how to take low-fidelity prototypes into the field, gather feedback from users and iterate as part of your systematic workflow.

DTTT Leadership Programme Pass

Get the 12-month Training Package for €995 / Person, including the Sustainability Leadership, Design Thinking Fundamentals, AI Strategy & Leadership, Destination Transformation and Understanding Destination Needs.

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Meet the Team

Nick Hall

As founder and CEO of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, Nick is one of the leading experts in destination transformation, current trends and digitalisation.


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Learn how to master must-have tools and acquire essential
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