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On-Demand Programme Starting 16th October

Created for destinations around the world, this programme will provide the insight to help you become a sustainability leader within your organisation.

Giovanna Tosetto

Association Scopri Con Noi

"A great team experience, now I feel more confident thanks to new tools to develop sustainable tourism design thinking"

Kim Ross

Visit Östergötland

"Inspiring to network and share ideas and aspirations with destinations worldwide on this course and be part of something bigger"

Peter Maag

Tourism Ireland

"It has been fun, engaging and a learning experience and I've left the course with more knowledge of sustainability and how to communicate it"

Gain Leadership Skills

You will become a sustainable leader by understanding how to assess and guide a sustainable initiative.

Access the Research

Watch interviews with other DMOs, learn about current best practices and key trends.

Change your Mindset

There’s no magic formula to being sustainable so be prepared to be challenged and work together.

Build a Community

This is a space for the tourism community to learn from one another.


Become a certified Sustainability Advocate

Created for destinations around the world, this programme will provide the insight to help you become a sustainability leader within your organisation.

Key Information

The programme is an online on-demand course made up of 5 modules. Every module is made up of 2-4 lessons, case studies and 2 workshop packages.

1. Understanding Sustainability

16th - 22nd October
The first module will be dedicated to understanding the different aspects of sustainability, what are the most commonly accepted guidelines and who is standing out as a leader overall.

2. Choosing a Sustainable Journey Path

23rd - 29th October
The second module is dedicated to understanding the different sustainability certifications and badges available for destinations. We will look at which criteria should DMOs prioritise when defining their path in sustainability.

3. Leveraging Data & Measuring Impact

30th October - 5th November
In this module, we will analyse available data in order to set the targets for future actions. Using co-creative techniques we will look at public, private and user data to understand what data is accessible and what data we need.

4. Sustainability & Effective Communication

13th - 19th November
Once priority has been established, we can explore how to communicate and convey the right message to the general public, local community, visitors, industry and government and policymakers.

5. Co-designing Strategies for a Sustainable Future

20th - 26th November
The last module will look at the future of the destination strategies, reiterating the importance of considering sustainability as part of the overall strategy rather than the final goal to achieve.

Meet the Team

Nick Hall

As founder and CEO of the Digital Tourism Think Tank, Nick is one of the leading experts in destination transformation, current trends and digitalisation.

Ana Balaguer Sánchez

As part of the Research & Knowledge team at DTTT, Ana focuses on researching case studies, best practices and trends in digital tourism.


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Share experiences on sustainability and actively get started on your own sustainability strategy.

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