Brand & Competitor Benchmarking

The #DTTT Benchmarking gives useful insights to provide your DMO with information and data on how it is performing compared to competitors and other similar DMOs.
Our Benchmarking helps you map out best features, trends and innovation you need to consider in your strategy to stay relevant in the fast-evolving digital market.
Is your Digital Strategy innovative?

Your Digital Strategy needs to include all the trends, features and tools that make the visitor experience on your channels as unforgettable as a journey across your destination!

This is the reason why we develop Trends Benchmarking Boards to map out the best examples of engaging navigation, catchy design and innovative technologies to build an amazing website for your DMO.

How are you positioning your DMO amongst peers?

The #DTTT Competitors Benchmarking includes an analysis of how your primary and secondary competitors are performing online. Moreover, we provide you with a selection of the best DMOs, which may not be your direct competitors, yet they really stand out as best practices, managing to inspire your new innovative approach.

Learn from other DMOs' mistakes and successes to create an amazing website and social media strategy for your DMO.

You know what you want but don't know how to get it
The approach we follow designing our Benchmarking Boards deducts the top-level solutions to provide you with more specific and customised take-aways.

We start by discussing with you what your goals are and, once we know what you want to change and improve, we benchmark organisations that can show you the best approaches to implement your own strategy (e.g. create more engaging content, develop an experience brand, redesign your website, etc.)

Interactive Sessions

If we cannot meet you in person, we organise remote interactive sessions to run you and your team through the work we have done and discuss with you further about what approach works best for your DMO.

Eventually, you will have a Strategic Roadmap, designed to map out in a very visual way what you need to do.

Ongoing collaborative process
Both during the interactive session and at any time you want, you will be able to collaborate with us and within your team on the Benchmarking Boards.

We use a platform called Mural, which we find excellent for design thinking and collaborative working. You can write down your ideas, share thoughts, add new examples and do whatever you need to make the most of this service!

Request an Assessment

If you're interested in running a Digital Maturity Assessment for your industry, get in touch with the business development team at the #DTTT today.

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