Strategies for Effectively Promoting Hidden Gems

Marketing Greece aim to promote lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path destinations within Greece, showcasing their attractions to a wider audience.

Promoting lesser-known destinations, such as Epirus in Greece, can be an effective way to attract travellers seeking authentic experiences while preserving the region's cultural and environmental integrity.

Promoting lesser-known destinations, such as Epirus in Greece, can be an effective way to attract travellers seeking authentic experiences while preserving the region's cultural and environmental integrity.

Giannis Giatas outlined Marketing Greece's efforts to highlight and promote lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path destinations within Greece, showcasing their unique attractions and culture to a wider audience.

Greece is a renowned destination, captivating travellers with its rich history, sun-kissed islands and vibrant culture. However, beyond the well-trodden tourist paths lies a region of unspoiled beauty and cultural richness – Epirus, nestled in the northwestern corner of the country.

To unveil the hidden gem of Epirus and establish its unique identity as a destination, Marketing Greece embarked on a strategic campaign, aptly titled "Epirus | Echoes of Eternity."

Promoting lesser-known destinations, such as Epirus in Greece, can be an effective way to attract travellers seeking authentic experiences while preserving the region's cultural and environmental integrity. By highlighting the destination's unique selling propositions, such as its cultural heritage and natural beauty, tourism organisations can attract a broader range of travellers while preserving the local identity.

Campaign Objectives

The campaign aimed to achieve two primary objectives:

  1. Increase Awareness: Amplify Epirus's presence on the tourism map, attracting travellers seeking authentic and off-the-beaten-path experiences.
  2. Create a Value Proposition: Establish Epirus as a destination rooted in true values, emphasising responsible exploration and the preservation of local culture.

Strategic Approach

To achieve these objectives, the campaign adopted a multifaceted approach, encompassing:

  • Immersive Film Experience: A groundbreaking 3D audio film was created, transporting viewers deep into the heart of Epirus; the first time this technology was used to promote a Greek destination. The film's narrative highlights the destination's unique identity, showcasing its natural beauty, cultural heritage and warm hospitality. Immersive video experiences are becoming increasingly essential for generating excitement about destinations, with visitors increasingly searching for authenticity in their travel experiences. Such content enables the viewer to feel like they are part of the action and develop a more emotional connection.
  • Emphasising Sustainable Tourism: The campaign championed responsible tourism practices, aligning with the UNWTO's sustainable development goals. The message encouraged travellers to tread lightly and appreciate the region's natural and cultural treasures.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: The campaign catered to a diverse audience, including local communities and international and domestic travellers. Social media campaigns, short-form content and screenings on Aegean Airlines flights further amplified the destination's appeal. Additionally, B2B entities were encouraged to adopt the campaign to provide consistent messaging and create a coherent brand to promote the region.

Campaign Impact

The Epirus campaign has already garnered significant positive feedback, with the video receiving just shy of 400,000 views on the DMO's official YouTube channel alone. This initial traction suggests that the campaign is effectively resonating with its target audience and raising awareness of Epirus's unique offerings.

The campaign's emphasis on untamed landscapes, outdoor adventures and culinary delights has further solidified Epirus's position as a destination that offers experiences that go beyond the ordinary. The encouragement to embrace a 'slow travel state of mind' resonates with the growing desire for authentic and mindful travel experiences, making Epirus an attractive choice for those seeking a deeper connection with nature and culture.

While the full impact of the campaign remains to be seen, the initial positive reception and engagement suggest that it is effectively positioning Epirus as a destination that offers a unique and compelling travel experience. The emphasis on sustainability and responsible tourism practices aligns with the UNWTO's goals, ensuring that Epirus's appeal extends beyond the present and into a future where the region's natural beauty and cultural heritage can be enjoyed responsibly for generations to come.

Creative Approach

Marketing Greece's creative approach to showcasing Epirus is a testament to the power of emotion and storytelling in connecting with travellers on a deeper level. By highlighting the destination's timeless secrets, embracing nature's tranquil pace and emphasising the warmth and hospitality of its community, the campaign invites visitors to experience Epirus not just as a destination, but as a place that resonates with their aspirations and desires. Viewers are encouraged to use headphones for a more life-like experience, creating the illusion that they are hearing sounds from everywhere and transported to the destination. The 3D sound technology thus acts as an enabler to maximise engagement with the message.  

Through a captivating script, Marketing Greece connects the viewer with each of Epirus' unique selling points, creating an emotional connection. The script's focus on timelessness, tranquillity and community fosters a sense of belonging and invites visitors to immerse themselves in the essence of Epirus.

3D Audio in Marketing

3D audio is constantly gaining popularity. Over the last few years, it's evolved from a trend being tested to becoming a pivotal part of many brands' content. Here are some examples of DMOs and their partners who have been pioneers in 3D audio:

  1. Sound Travels USA - Brand USA and Expedia launched an interactive online experience taking advantage of 3D audio technology to immerse potential visitors from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the UK in American travel destinations through an interactive content hub. This campaign was integrated with the IMAX Film America's Musical Journey, which was narrated by Morgan Freeman, enabling viewers to be captivated by engaging visual and auditory experiences.
  2. Sounds of Germany - In partnership with Secret Escapes, the German National Tourist Board, launched the 'Sounds of Germany' campaign to celebrate the 250th birthday of Beethoven. The campaign reinterprets Beethoven's symphonies with natural sounds from German cities; from birdsong and bells to car engines and street musicians, fully immersing listeners into a digital travel experience.

While DMOs utilise a variety of strategies, 3D audio stands out as a versatile tool that is both accessible and transformative. It enhances sound quality to be more natural and makes the listener believe they've been transported to the destination. Compared to conventional audio, 3D audio improves listeners' attention levels and evokes more significant emotional responses. These factors combined mean that 3D audio substantially improves long-term memory, essential for building a memorable destination brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t forget the importance of video audio. While visual content was previously seen as the main driver of travel inspiration, audio has a strong complementary role. This provides another way for destinations to differentiate themselves from competitors and showcase their local culture. This can help make campaigns more memorable and improve engagement.
  • Experiment with technology. Research identifies the factors that influence consumers’ decision-making. Tourism organisations leverage this information and experiment with new forms of technology, such as 3D audio, to help their marketing activities resonate better with potential visitors.
  • Encourage slow travel. Place authenticity and sustainability at the heart of campaigns. Highlighting less-known destinations showcases the diversity of tourism experiences and local communities, promoting slow travel. This enables visitors to feel a stronger sense of connection to local communities and have more enriching holidays.
  • Realise the opportunity of in-destination marketing. Working with partners such as airlines and airports provides another opportunity to persuade tourists to visit more rural hidden gems. Marketing should not finish once a consumer books their travel but should continue throughout to encourage them to visit more sustainably.
Published on:
December 2023
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