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Solve any Challenge with Design Thinking

Learn the key to Design Thinking with the DTTT's Design Academy, available as a remote programme for the first time. This course is packed with a variety of learning, hands-on workshops and the opportunity to get creative, ideate with your team, develop your design-thinking skills and apply your newfound knowledge to every day as well as macro-level challenges.

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About this Course

This programme is designed 100% around problems, challenges, projects faced in tourism every day and throughout the industry. Each module is specifically designed around applying Design Thinking techniques to the specific problems and challenges faced in your destination.

Built on the IBM Design Thinking methodology, you will learn the key principles of Design Thinking including Empathy, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping and Testing together with a range of key principles such as hills, playbacks, observation and empathy. This puts DTTT Design to work, with a wide range of templates, material and workshop packs to test, explore and work on different ideas to solve those bigger challenges individually and as a team.

You will learn how to apply methods through 'learning by doing'. As a participant work together to apply Design and Agile methods to solve real problems so the learnings gained through this course can then be applied throughout your work.

Applying Methods Together

With a multitude of challenges in the advent of COVID-19 and existential challenges for tourism generally, this programme is all about learning how to apply Design to transform the techniques used to work with today's challenges

You will leave this course with a set of broad skills that can be applied to any situation, from empathising with your visitor needs, to absurd ideation to push thinking beyond the ordinary.


Use empathy to understand the design challenge set.

This stage will involve key industry mentors and leaders to immerse you in the challenge, get perspective and thrash out problems.


Narrowing down, organising and clearly defining the needs.

This stage guides you to organise problems into groupings and drill-down in-depth on data and insight gathered from expert meetings.


Intensive ideation, thrash out ideas on possible solutions.

With extensive knowledge gathered, put all your ideas together, clustering and deciding on those to take forward.


Taking one idea forward and developing initial prototype concepts.

You will select one idea to take into a prototyping stage to develop the idea intensively to show how an MVP would look and function.


Trial your concept to a focus group of your peers.

Take prototypes out to users and observe how they interact, respond, and interpret the solutions, working through iterations on input.

What Members Say

"The introductions and slides at the start to set the scene for the session worked well in setting goals and expectations for each session."

"Being immersed in a group of individuals with the same end mission, but each with vastly difference opportunities to influence and impact was very beneficial."

Free for #DTTT Members

Members of the DTTT Evolve Membership for destinations get this course completely free of charge, for their teams and their industry. All other members benefit from a 20% reduction with member pricing, just get in touch.

This programme is incredibly valuable for any individual or team from a DMO, NTO, City or Region who wants to understand more about how to apply new methods and truly transform their workflow.

If you're not yet a member, speak to our membership team about joining.

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