The Digital Maturity Assessment

The #DTTT has extensive experience running digital maturity assessments in a range of destinations, focused on understanding the digital readiness and maturity of the small and medium sized enterprises making up their visitor economy.

Assessing Business Needs

20 Minute Assessment Process

The Digital Maturity Assessment is looks at four key aspects of each business and is designed to be fun and motivational to complete. The four assessment areas include Culture & Organisation, Technology & Innovation, Market & Industry and Product & Content.
Within each section, the business will be assessed on a scaled maturity grade, obtaining a score per section and then a score overall, from which the recommendations will be made.

Culture & Organisation

This section is about how each business is approaching digital, how it responds to innovation and new trends and how it empowers employees with digital technology.
Technology & Innovation
This section looks into the attitude towards the adoption and use of emerging technology, making businesses think about if they are a fond user of new cool tools or not even aware that they exist or how to tap into them.
Market & Industry
Business is not only about the business your run but staying informed and keeping an eye on the market you are operating in. Of course, you can do it digitally! This section all about how businesses collect data and monitor what is going on in the tourism industry and how they tap into digital trends as they arise.
Product & Content
We look at how businesses describe their offer and how they position themselves in the market. What is the perception people have about them, digitally speaking? How do they build the content that serves their business promotion?

Providing Development Support

A Point of Reference
Each business will be graded and given a title, designed to motivate them to go to the next level but also to ensure they feel proud of the place they're currently at, wherever that is. We have five categories, with the goal being to reach 'Rockstar' status with a comprehensive development programme.
Report Cards & Advice Packs
Each business assessment leads to a report card which helps businesses to understand how they score across each of the categories and take action on the areas that need it most.
For those taking part in a wider Industry Development Programme a more complete Advice Pack, provides a mix of scoring, competitor benchmarking, digital auditing, qualitative analysis, and recommendations.
Tailor Made Digitalisation Plan
With a sample of circa. 25-30 businesses, the #DTTT can already sit down with the DMO and work out a concrete Digitalisation Plan. Plans can be made individually for businesses, helping them to rise to the next level on the five point scale, but also for the industry as a whole.
Digitalisation plans will incorporate a range of actions to help in different needs areas identified and forms part of the Industry Development Programme.
Regional Digitalisation Benchmark
Over time, we will gradually build-up a regional benchmark helping DMOs understand how their destination compares to others in Europe on digitalisation.
Using anonymised data, we will gradually build a picture between different regions and eventually a network of knowledge sharing on industry development, supporting better exchange of best practice, as each destination has unique needs and experiences to share.

Request an Assessment

If you're interested in running a Digital Maturity Assessment for your industry, get in touch with the business development team at the #DTTT today.

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