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X Design Week 2022 - All you need to know!

At DTTT, we are thrilled to share with you our excitement for X Design Week 2022, if you haven’t heard about XDW yet here’s a quick read to learn all you need to know about the inaugural conceptual event that explores the unparalleled opportunity to innovate, collaborate and re-design the tourism sector. We are extremely excited to share it with you, because of the great value it can bring to the members of our community.

What is XDW 2022?

XDW 2022 is a conceptual event exploring and designing the shift in tourism, trends, technology, and destination experience taking place in Cologne, Germany from 6th - 10th June 2022.

We have designed the event keeping in mind the current and future challenges faced by the tourism sector, especially our DTTT community partners and members therefore we are inviting you as tourism visionaries, disruptive destinations, innovators, and tech experts to together work on prototyping solutions to re-designing the future of tourism.

For this inaugural XDW, we're really excited to be partnering with Urbanana, a polycentric urban jungle reaching from the Rhineland to the Ruhr area, forming a creative metropolitan region. The region is a result of a partnership between Tourism NRW, Visit Düsseldorf Tourism, Cologne Tourism, and Ruhr Tourism that explores the interplay between creative industries and tourism.

What can you expect from XDW 2022?

During the event, you’ll be part of super immersive, interactive, and inspirational activities taking place throughout the week in the form of engaging fireside talks, knowledge sharing sessions and industry insights, super productive design sprints, and collaborative co-working labs, and idea pitching sessions.

The days of the event are divided into themes to guide you through this transformative week, we invite you to join us to discover the urban and tech experiences that are transforming the tourism sector and to design with us. immersive mixed reality tourism experiences. There will be the opportunity to explore the potential of AI and data, how to develop a circular visitor economy and a lot more.

Here's how it unfolds:

7th June Explore the latest trends in the digital tourism space

8th June Connect with ideas and people

9th June Create prototyping solutions to the industry challenges in tourism

10th June Reflect on the ideas discussed during the week and turn them into real-life projects

Have a look at the complete program of the XDW 2022.

What makes XDW unlike any other event? 

We are extremely excited to share this brand new conceptual event that offers,  It will be a gathering of DMOs, Tourism businesses, tech innovators, and academia coming together to pave the path for upcoming digital innovations in the tourism sector.

  • Design sprints - At the DTTT, we believe design thinking is a thought-provoking process to build and assess scenarios in tourism and travel and could be the best approach to explore interesting projects and opportunities. We invite you to bring your challenges and build solutions throughout the process of rapid ideation, prototyping, and developing actionable projects and business ideas.
  • Technical Visits - Discover the potential and possibilities of integrating digital technologies with culture, art, and heritage to build unconventional tourism experiences with the technical visits to the innovative urban jungle of Urbanana.
  • Co-working labs - XDW has a dedicated space - Co-working labs to explore the potential of prototyped solutions developed during the design sprints into live working projects. Find partners and network with the international community of tourism professionals to work on new innovation projects.
  • Speaker and Talks - XDW will be fully packed with inspiring talks to uncover interesting thoughts, innovative projects, and the latest meta shifts from the experts in the field of tourism and technology. Be a part of insightful discussions to contribute to the future trends of the travel industry.

What can you achieve with XDW 2022?

As a part of the DTTT member community, you can achieve a lot by participating in this inaugural XDW event which offers immense opportunities to discover the collaborative projects, network with industry leaders and innovators, working together on identifying and developing industry’s digital trends.

  • Knowledge sharing - The sessions in XDW will be filled with industry insights and exploring digital trends. Keep yourself updated with the latest technological and innovative developments in the tourism sector. Also, be a part of designing some of these trends by sharing your ideas and interesting insights during the design thinking sprints.
  • Grow and Learn Together - During the discovery prices of XDW, explore different ideas and build new skills and receive guidance from technical experts in the field of XR, gamification, and AI, learn how to develop your ideas into prototyping solutions and pitch them to develop a successful project or business.
  • Collaboration and Networking - XDW will be a gathering of industry leaders and visionaries coming from different sectors in the field of technology and tourism to explore together the meta transition and develop digital tourism experiences. XDW will be a platform to foster collaboration between different players in the tourism sector to work on ideas and prototyping solutions to various challenges, which can be a birthplace for various innovation projects and prospective business models.

Come as you are or build a team

We hope you share in our passion for XDW 2022. As you can see, there is so much to take away and we hope you'll embrace this opportunity to really work on the latest trends and technologies. This is why we've created 'cohort' tickets, encouraging members to build teams that might include people in your own organisation but also patterns you work without such as cultural, mobility, or tech partners.

However you decide to come, we know you'll find value in coming together with others and using this as a rich opportunity for collaboration.

Have you saved your spot for XDW 2022 yet? DTTT Members can attend at ridiculously low member-only prices.

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