Our Product & Experience Framework

The growing trend in how destinations see their role in the visitor cycle has shifted heavily towards ensuring the experience in the destination matches and supports the brand.


We developed an 'Experience Framework' and have been actively working with DMOs to develop their own experience strategies.

Brand Match

It all starts with the Brand
A clearly defined brand should be the starting point to create appealing experiences for visitors. Experiences should reflect the destination brand's pillars and support them by looking back to awareness building.
Taylor experiences to audiences.
Today's travellers seek more and more unique, personalised and 'off the shelf' engaging experiences. It is important to have a clear definition of personas, but also a strategy to reach these audiences.
A natural extension of the brand
Products should be seen as the natural extension of the brand, offering the opportunity to provide authentic fulfilment to visitors. This is where experiences ambassadors and rich storytelling comes into play, linking message with fulfilment.

Organising & Curating

Local partners
Local industry is at the core of experience providers needed to craft the signature experiences. They are fundamental to establish strong local partnerships.
Key Places, local people
Local people are able to offer a service but also talk about the destination from a unique and authentic perspective which is deeply rooted in the sense of place they convey.
Pairing Experiences
By curating the offer, DMOs can pair the right experiences which really help lift the brand and offer a unique stand-out experience. Product pairing represents a key opportunity for DMOs.


Hero, Hub, Hygiene Content Strategy
Stories shaped around the brand experience represents a powerful and compelling message for potential visitors. A hero, Hub, Hygiene content strategy helps lift the brand experience, seeking to build an image for the destination together with true ambassador, taking their stories further as they become not only brand but experience ambassadors too.
Signature Experience Ambassadors
Designing product experiences together with destination ambassadors helps to build links between the most authentic voices representing the destination, unique and incredible visitor experiences and curated product pairings.

Packaging & Distributing

Aggregation & Experience Platform
Aggregating destination experiences, packaging them and distributing them is a key strategic question for destinations today. How far you should go, depends on where you see yourself playing in the visitor cycle and where the DMO can create real value.
Curation & Distribution
For some DMOs, packaging and distributing stops at curation, where product pairings are developed into signature experiences and distributed through a content strategy. For others, the potential value of creating and supporting a product experience platform is a logical next step and helps the industry see commercial value in addition to brand value.

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