One-to-One Business Coaching

The #DTTT offers Business Coaching to help SMEs map out opportunities to support the digitalisation, growth and competitiveness of their brand in the industry.

The meeting is run by experts that address businesses' specific needs and support the implementation of the digital marketing strategy throughout the whole process.

One-to-One Expert Support

Our Team of Experts dedicates time to meet up with the people involved in the promotion of the business and discuss with them about objectives and limitation of the current digital strategy.

The one-to-one relationship helps us recommend tailored-made solutions for each business, keeping an eye on common threads across the industry.

Conducted Online or In-Person

While meeting people in person is a great opportunity to see and learn about their work, we also believe in remote and agile collaboration.

Whether is more convenient for you and the success of the project, we convey both online and in-person session.

Informed Consulting Approach
When we meet the business the first time, we have already collected some useful information in order to rate the level of digital maturity and commitment.

The business will have to fill in an assessment and a form, to make us aware of the most essentials traits of their strategy.

Accommodating Business Needs

The main goal of our work with businesses is to accommodate specific needs. In fact, we look for a tangible solution to enhance the Digital Strategy of the business.

We want to solve actual problems and give strategic advice for real issues that firms are encountering. Plus, we are keen on inspiring and encourage the implementation of their strategy with expert and best practices recommendations.

An Individual Plan of Action
At the end of the project, knowing more about their work, their goals and their limitations, we will be able to build an Action Plan for the business.

We will consider all the opportunities for the business to grow and make the most of the digital marketing tools that suit their needs, in order to boost the growth of the business efficiently and sustainably.

Request an Assessment

If you're interested in running a Digital Maturity Assessment for your industry, get in touch with the business development team at the #DTTT today.

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