Using AI Tools to Produce Social Content

AI tools enhance creativity and streamline marketing workflows. Visit Benidorm shared tips to succeed in leveraging this tech for content production.

Antonio Sánchez, Content Creator & Marketing Executive at Visit Benidorm, demonstrated the DMO's approach to AI-generated content creation and the tools used and also outlined valuable takeaways on using this technology to its fullest.

Antonio Sánchez, Content Creator & Marketing Executive at Visit Benidorm, demonstrated the DMO's approach to AI-generated content creation and the tools used and also outlined valuable takeaways on using this technology to its fullest.

Imagine creating engaging social media content and marketing campaigns without a huge budget. This is the reality for Visit Benidorm, the world's first certified Smart Tourist Destination. Their secret weapon? Free AI tools that enhance creativity and streamline workflows.

Antonio Sánchez, Content Creator & Marketing Executive at Visit Benidorm, demonstrated the DMO's approach to AI-generated content creation and the tools used and also outlined valuable takeaways on using this technology to its fullest.

Limited Resources, Big Ideas

For smaller destinations, consistently creating high-quality content can be a challenge. Visit Benidorm faces this hurdle head-on, but its innovative spirit shines through. It leverages AI tools to overcome limitations and produce engaging content for various platforms. Here's a glimpse into its impressive 2023 marketing indicators:

  • 1,485,447 page views
  • 1,020,964 users
  • 24,873,807 Facebook media impressions
  • 401,264 Instagram likes
  • 10,958,415 TikTok views

These numbers speak volumes about the effectiveness of Visit Benidorm's content strategy, reaching millions of potential tourists without significant investment in marketing budgets.

Unlocking Creativity with AI

Antonio emphasised the importance of human creativity in content marketing, giving strategic direction to campaign development. However, AI tools can be powerful allies in this process and quickly produce content for always-on promotion. Here are some ways Visit Benidorm uses AI:

Chatbots: AI enables 24/7 customer support, immediately answering visitor queries. Antonio outlined how Visit Benidorm uses Chatbase as a customised version of ChatGPT to direct visitors to the relevant information they are searching for in English or Spanish.

Scriptwriting Boost: AI tools like Perplexity can spark creative ideas and even write scripts and give tips for blog posts! Antonio used it to craft a fun TikTok video script about the history of San Jaime church in Benidorm.

Translation Made Easy: Reaching a global audience is simplified by AI translators like Captions. This tool translates videos and creates subtitles in 100 languages, just like Antonio did for his video where he spoke in Spanish, French, Greek and Japanese!

Creating memes: To remain trendy, tools such as Supermeme help to create memes and integrate humour into marketing visuals.

Voiceovers: Tools like Eleven Labs can generate professional-sounding voiceovers for your videos and AI can remove background noise for crystal-clear audio. Antonio showcased an AI voice narrating a video about the history of the cross of Benidorm, sounding just like a human narrator.

Royalty-Free Music on Demand: Platforms like Suno AI create royalty-free music for various content formats, with Visit Benidorm using this to complement Instagram Reels.

Speech Enhancement: AI tools, such as Adobe Podcast speed up video editing by reducing background noise to improve sound quality and a more professional studio sound.

Video Creation: Haiper creates 2-3 second video clips from text or images, which can then be combined together into longer videos.

Stunning Aerial Footage (Without a Drone!)Google Earth Studio allows for incredible aerial shots, perfect for showcasing locations where drone use is restricted.

Engaging Avatars for StorytellingD-ID generates AI avatars that can deliver information in a unique and interactive way. Antonio presented an example of a human-like avatar portraying the King of Benidorm.

Bring History to LifeRunway animates old pictures, making historical content more engaging. Antonio breathed new life into old photos of Benidorm by using Runway to turn them into short video clips.

Antonio shared that despite the variety of tools Visit Benidorm uses, they only have a paid subscription for ChatGPT.  

AI and the Human Touch

While AI plays a significant role, Visit Benidorm doesn't rely solely on it. The DMO understands the importance of human expertise in crafting a compelling brand voice and ensuring content authenticity. Its approach focuses on using AI to boost efficiency and free up time for human creators to focus on strategic tasks.

A key element of producing outstanding content is to humanise brands and offer educational or inspirational content, where having a sense of humour is important. Therefore, human talent and AI are essential to content production and maximising the potential for campaign success. While AI can produce innovative content, it still requires human oversight to ensure that brand personalities shine. Through 'The other sAIde" of Benidorm' campaign, the DMO's playful approach demonstrates the limits of AI and effectively encourages tourists to explore beyond the 'typical' image of the destination to discover their own hidden gems. Other DMOs, such as Visit Greenland's Artificial Intelligence Vs Authentic Intelligence campaign also effectively highlight the value of local knowledge when communicating with visitors.

Leveraging the power of AI also requires considerable AI oversight, where numerous tools can be used in combination to produce outstanding content. For example, the 'A Different Kind of Christmas Greeting' campaign used ChatGPT for scripting - the basis of good content - with the visuals developed through a combination of DALL - E (characters), D-ID (animation) and Eleven Labs (voices).

By embracing AI and maintaining a human-centric approach, Visit Benidorm demonstrates a winning formula for creating engaging content that resonates with its audience.

Key Takeaways

  • AI presents endless possibilities for ideating and producing engaging content, from scripting and translation to imagery and audio. As a result, AI tools can be powerful allies in content creation, enhancing efficiency and sparking creativity.
  • Experimentation is key to identifying which tools should be used to build different campaigns and how various AI tools can be used in unison. Marketers should keep an eye on the latest developments, with frequent updates to AI models and new solutions being released on a daily basis.
  • The human touch remains essential. AI-generated content needs to be combined with human expertise for authenticity and brand voice, ensuring that messages remain aligned with brand values.
  • Content should be informative, entertaining or inspirational to maximise user engagement, with a clear understanding of emerging trends across different social platforms.

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Published on:
May 2024
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Antonio Sánchez

Antonio is a marketing & data whiz at Visit Benidorm, the world's first Smart Tourist Destination.  He combines his love of travel with expertise in social media content and big data analysis to create engaging experiences for tourists and optimize marketing strategies.  He's also a video whiz, crafting creative content for TikTok and Reels.